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#109 Creating Passive Income w/Co-Host Becca Luna

August 10, 2022

Learn Exactly How to Become the Go-To Coach in Your Niche so You Can Create Freedom, & Feel Fulfilled AF>>> Save Your Seat

Passive Income — it’s all the rage!

This week I’m welcoming Heart Over Hustle’s first co-host, my daughter, Becca Luna.

This conversation is going to blow your mind with the amount of golden takeaway nuggets dropped to help you get started.

We chat how Becca:
🔥 created time freedom through passive income
🔥 the systems put in place to set her business up to scale

Here’s a little taste of a Becca truth bomb dropped: ‘It’s really hard to reprogram what you’ve been told’.

Ready to dive in? Let’s do it!

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