Believe it or not, there are clients out there looking for a coach exactly like you (pinky swear). Go-To Coach will teach you how to find them, connect with them, and ultimately bring them onto your client roster in a way that feels exciting and aligned. You deserve clarity and visibility in your coaching business. Go-To Coach gives you exactly that.

Use your story to build a stand-out personal brand and sell out your coaching programs.

being well known membership

video magic


Taught by a self-professed video queen who has generated over $350k into her business using short-form video, even the video-averse can become content creating camera lovers.

Take the stress out of short-form video content by learning how to create high-conversion, low effort content that will instantly attract aligned soulfans into your space.

The BW will help you get the F out of your own way + give you the strategies and guidance you need to promote your business and establish yourself as an expert, in your niche.  No more being the best-kept secret and downplaying the power of your work! It’s time to take up space in the marketplace, get known for your work, and sell out your offers.

Finally, have a clear visibility plan that is tailored to your energy + get the accountability you need to show up and promote your business, consistently!