Say it with me

“It is my responsibility to share my gifts with the world.”

…and so it motherfuckin’ is.

You are a coach or healer that craves impact – through the offers that you sell, the content that you create, and the stories that you share.

You’re tired of playing by the rules.
You’re sick of letting self-doubt hold you back.
You crave a life of freedom, abundance, and generosity. You’re ready to escape the hustle and lead from the heart.

Most importantly, you crave a bigger impact, bigger actions, and bigger profit.

If that resonates, then you’re in the right place.

I have a vision. Tell me if you can see it, too:

I envision a world where thoughtful, intentional leaders feel empowered to step into the spotlight, take up space, and make the impact that they were born to make.

I’m working towards that vision every day of my life – through my work, through my words, and through my actions. Will you join me?


I help impact-driven coaches share their message with the world – through their offers, their content, and their story. I believe that we all have a responsibility to share our gifts, and when we allow fear and old stories to hold us back from doing so, we are doing the world a disservice.

No matter where you’re currently at in your business, I have a starting point that will help you own your brilliance, fine-tune your message, and create more freedom in life in a way that empowers the people who need you and helps you build a profitable business and abundant life.

Because I’m not just another “millionaire business coach.”

And you’re not just another dollar sign to me.

Being a neurodivergent and sensitive person (who is literally allergic to stress), I spent most of my life doubting my abilities and dulling my shine. I held myself back from success, because I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to handle it. I stalled myself out at the starting line.

When I first found the online business space, I was lucky to be taught and led by people who saw me for who I was. They helped me push past any fears that I had in order to build a life of completely personalized abundance.

Now, I get to teach humans all over the world how to create the same thing for themselves. In my space, there are no hard-and-fast rules or “shoulds.” I will teach you my signature marketing, storytelling, and offer creation methods, and, once you weave in your magic, you’ll have all the tools you need to create the life of your dreams – on your own terms and in a way that only you can.


By the way, I’m Jaya.

I’ve spent my entire life breaking free from the boxes that society tried to put me in. After graduating high school, I followed a spark that told me to go on tour with the Grateful Dead instead of going to college. When I met my first husband on the first day of that tour, I followed my heart and got married at 19, only to find out one week later that I was pregnant with who would become my greatest teacher, Miss Becca Luna.

I’ve lived on hippy communes, never worked a traditional corporate job, and have done just about everything humanly possible to say “fuck you” to the systems that try to put us in boxes and hold us back. Because that’s what the spark inside me told me to do, and when I feel the spark, I listen (if we work together, I will be asking you to do the same).

Then I was led to the online business space. I realized that I was supposed to use my gifts of connection, speaking, and teaching to help humans all over the world share their message, get visible in their business, and kick off a domino effect of positive change.

I’m still a rebel. Though these days I’m busy pushing back against the traditional coaching industry by giving the middle finger to hustle culture, calling out toxic teachings and leading my business from the heart (and making multiple six-figures only working 15 hours a week while I’m at it). 

I’ll be here when you’re ready to follow your spark and do the same.

I know we just met, but can I tell you a wild story?


I teach impact-driven coaches how to turn their message into a movement and attract an audience of raving fans. In my world, you don’t have to play by the book, follow the rules, or work overtime to build a coaching business that supports a life of freedom. Because I believe that the most powerful businesses are led from the heart, and when you learn how to speak your message on camera you open a world of possibility and impact.