how to become a profitable coach online: A free workshop

If you want to grow a sustainable 6-figure coaching business you need a business plan that honors your unique gifts and energy. I'm going to show you how in this power-packed 47 minute workshop!

Hey! I'm Jaya Rose

And after becoming the go-to  business coach and applying the strategies I teach in this workshop...

I made $100,000 in one group program launch
Bought my dream house in my dream neighborhood. Brought my husband home from his 9-5. Don’t work more than 15 hours per week.

I know what it’s like to read accomplishments like that and think “Damn! I wish that could be me!” I’ve been in that position before – watching other online coaches live their dreams and wondering how the fuck they got there. The good news is, you can make your business into whatever you set your heart to. But first, you need the skills.

I created Go-To Coach to teach you the exact messaging, marketing, branding, and sales methods that I used to take myself from an under earning personal trainer making $30k per year, to a heart-led online business coach making $15k per MONTH.

But the best part of my business isn’t the time and personal freedom that I’ve created for myself and my family. It isn’t even the financial abundance that I thought would never be possible for me. It's the fact that I get to teach people like you how to share their gift with the world, and embrace everything that’s possible for them with open arms.

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