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Welcome! I am Jaya and I am the host of the Heart Over Hustle Podcast. I am an online business coach for sensitive humans like you, who are here to create a ripple effect of positive change with your work. I help you earn more money and work less hours, so you can enjoy your life and feel fulfilled!

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I asked if I should bring the podcast back and the answer was a resounding YES! So welcome to this inaugural episode! Heart Over Hustle has been brewing inside of me and I am so excited to share the first episode with you. It’s all about showing up powerfully in your mission, in your message, […]

#108- Welcome to Heart Over Hustle

LEARN ABOUT THE ACADEMY: www.myfreedombasedbusiness.com If you are new here, welcome to the Speak Your Truth Podcast, with me, Jaya Rose! You are in the right place if you are an impact-driven entrepreneur who is building a personal brand. On the show we talk about growing your brand consciously, embodied confidence, standing up for social […]

#107- Freedom-Based Business Academy for Sensitive Empaths

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