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 I am an Empowerment & Business Mentor for passionate humans like you, who are here to create a ripple effect of positive change with your work. I help you earn more money and work less hours, so you can enjoy your life and feel fulfilled!

Welcome! I am the host of the being well known Podcast.

Not sure about you but the idea of self-promotion used to make me think and feel that I was bragging and tooting my own horn, being annoying or needy — all because I was trying to get my message out! If this sounds familiar, I’m here to share that we can change that up through […]

#118 How to Promote Yourself with Power on Social Media with Jaya Rose

#117 Creating Passive Income with a Sexy Back-end with my Husband Jonathan

Let’s talk back-end business set-up! For the first few years of my business, I used a lot of different platforms and the back-end was all over the place. In today’s episode my Husband, Jonathan and I, talk about how we went form using multiple platforms to only using one — making the process of launching […]

being well known