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Welcome! I am Jaya and I am the host of the Speak Your Truth Podcast and a Speaking & Storytelling Coach for impact-driven sensitive women who are here to lead and impact the world. Ready to own your sensitivities and grow your Conscious Business? Let's do the damn thing!

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This past week I posted on TikTok calling white folks out to understand their whiteness. Guess how that went? Well, today in I am sharing with you my personal experience of being highly sensitive and also speaking my mind, and opening myself up to all sorts of crazy reactions from people on the internet. I […]

#103 – Being Highly Sensitive & Highly Visible Online

In today’s episode, we are talking about what it really means to BE magnetic and how you can leverage your values and vision for the world to attract soulfans and clients, online! Join my free community! If you are new here, welcome to the Speak Your Truth Podcast, with me, Jaya Rose! You are in […]

#102 – Being Magnetic & Attracting Clients Online

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