"Jaya is a great speaker - it's like a warm hug. Not just a hug you feel on the outside, but a hug for your soul." - Kathy Haan

We're living in a time of great possibility

I believe that it's not only an opportunity to share your message with the world, but a responsibility.


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I love spending time at events and sharing my wisdom and energy with the audience both from stage and during the event! I understand the pressure of putting on an event and picking speakers who align with your mission and who you can trust will show up FULLY and in service. I make it easy for you to work with me. I am flexible, ready to pivot on a dime, and believe fully that the "experience" and the way your audience feels during and after your event is everything.

Hey! I'm Jaya Rose

Event Coordinators

 After 3 full days of lots of talks and workshops Jaya had everyone up out of their seats, moving, talking and engaged! Jaya inspired everyone and I saw the room come alive with excitement and motivation. She is an amazing speaker and has such an inspirational delivery that truly captivates her audience! We had so many requests to have her back again for our next conference and we are so excited that she is joining us again!

Devan MacCabe

Together: An Entrepreneur Experience | Portland, Oregon  

Jaya has a ‘Marie Forleo’ type personality about her that immediately draws you in. She is so confident with no fear to speak her truth!

Maru Iabichela

Infinite Receiving LIVE | Fort Worth, Texas 

Each and every time I see Jaya speak she gives me goosebumps! The level of truth, authenticity, grace and Goddess energy Jaya embodies really activates groups in a powerful way. She gives us all permission to be more, have more and show up more. She recently spoke at my 100+ person Infinite Receiving Live Event and her level of engagement with the crowd was phenomenal! She’ll be an incredible asset for your groups, teams and audiences! Book her now!

We had the opportunity to have the amazing Jaya Rose speak at our annual Summit this year. Jaya was phenomenal and really hit the heart of our attendees. Not only was she relatable and engaging, but she had the audience interacting in a way that made them all feel heard. I am so grateful to have had her speak at our event, and would absolutely love to have her back next year!

Soul Success Summit | Santa Barbara, CA 

Megan McCann

popular key-notes

"The Nourished CEO: Honoring Your Needs as a Profitable Business Practice"

"Using the Power of Authenticity on Video to Attract Raving Fans & Paying Clients"  

"Become the Star of Your Brand: Use Your Story to Create a Super Niche & Movement Message"

"Jaya is so comfortable being herself that she empowers others to do the same. Her message is very real, raw and exactly what her audience needs."

Alisa Arvind |
White House Journalist & Spiritual Success Coach

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