Build a successful business to support your successful life

Empowering HUMANS with a call on their heart to make a big impact with their work.

Business is personal, so every decision that you make should come from within and feel deeply empowering. When you’re leading from the heart, you can use your sacred work to help the people that need it.


Gone are the days where working 50+ hour weeks and selling every waking second signifies “success.” It’s my mission to help you generate as much impact as possible, while working only as much as feels right to you.


If it works, we keep it. If it doesn’t, we move on. There are no hard and fast rules in my world. If you want strategies, I’ve got plenty to give. But you’re always allowed to think outside the box in my space.

Meet Jaya Rose

I’ve always had a rebellious spirit – becoming a mother at 19, raising my first daughter on a hippy commune in Northern California, and shattering every single box that the world tried to put me in. As a neurodivergent, multi-passionate creative, I’ve always been fiercely protective of my energy. Because of that, I thought that a six-figure career would never be an option for me. I became okay with earning less in exchange for having the peace of mind I desired. Sound familiar?

I discovered the online space over 8 years ago, when I was in my 30’s (you’ll have to keep reading to get the full story, but if you believe in destiny, trust that it was on my side…) When I pivoted into online business coaching, I realized something incredible:

I didn’t have to sacrifice my energy to attract abundance. I simply had to share my gifts with the world.

The same goes for you. You don’t have to sacrifice time, peace of mind, energy, or profit in order to take care of yourself in your career. The recipe: harness your power, share your gifts with the world, and invite the right people into your space. Luckily, I’m an expert at all three.

Teaching you to unlock a life of freedom through your business.




I teach impact-driven coaches how to turn their message into a movement and attract an audience of raving fans. In my world, you don’t have to play by the book, follow the rules, or work overtime to build a coaching business that supports a life of freedom. Because I believe that the most powerful businesses are led from the heart, and when you learn how to speak your message on camera you open a world of possibility and impact.