tell me if you can relate...

Let’s be honest you know you need to be prompting your business more, but you let your to-do list overflow with everything else you think you need to do. You do all you can to “stay busy” working on your business, checking off tasks from your list, and getting clear on “all the things.”

But day-after-day you avoid the task of self-promotion.

Maybe you don’t want to seem salesy, or annoying. Or you are constantly second-guessing your marketing strategies. The truth is you just don’t have anyone in your corner reminding you of how incredibly powerful you are and encouraging you to make that post, launch your workshop, record that video, and send that email…

You know you’re good at what you do, but you currently feel like a best-kept secret. And that needs to change.

i get it, online business can be lonely.


you don’t have to grow your business alone.

In fact, I highly recommend you don’t!

Instead join a badass community of coaches, healers, and teachers who are chasing their dreams, just like you.

And learn from someone who has been there, done that, with a proven process for success!

The Being Well Known Membership

The BW teaches you how to show up consistently online, promote your business with authority, and make money month after month with your gifts.

It’s not only an opportunity to share your gifts with the world. It’s a responsibility.
Time to act accordingly!

That's why the BW is set up to help you succeed in every way. From having your very own business bestie, to game-changing Q & A's with Jaya, and a library of  time tested business trainings - you will thrive in the BW!

i'm ready

Inside the BW we live by a Golden Rule…

"The very first lesson is life-changing!"

 "There’s a wealth of valuable information and encouragement to implement in The Being Well Known Membership. Jaya always empowers us to go at our pace, which I love. And the Brand Map in Mission #1 is worth the membership alone!"



In the BW you get access to monthly engagement pods, so you can boost the algo and give real-life people to interact with on your posts!


Jump in at the beginning of each month in the BW to get matched up with a compatible business bestie to connect with and get/give personalized feedback on the BW Content and your creator journeys. Feel supported and make friends. Boom!


Access the treasure trove of BW Content. From 4 core business lessons, including your brand voice, visibility plan, offer clarity, and more… You get to go at your own pace through an organized bank of transformational content. Each lesson with give big aha moments and meaningful action steps to propel you forward in your business.


Each month Jaya hosts a potent 40-minute training via Facebook Live focused on helping you grow your online business. The trainings are fresh, fun, and inspiring! Topics range from “energy flow in content creation” and “how to sell from videos” You will feel invigorated to show up and promote your business online, after each live session!


Every other week in the BW you get the opportunity to drop your most burning business question under the Q post. Then on Fridays, Jaya goes live to answer your questions and give customized, strategic, and energetic guidance


As if we needed more… You get more! Get ready for an action-inspired business bootcamp each quarter in the BW! Home of the “Social Selling Challenge” and Fire-Up Your Star Power Bootcamp” We take very seriously small bursts of meaningful action. The BW Bootcamps will have you feeling motivated to show up and shine in your online business!

"I am actually promoting my business!"

"After only one training in the Membership I felt confident enough to do two videos without hesitating, and now I am showing up consistenlty! Jaya provides strategies AND the inner empowerment that I need to show up as MORE of me in a very tangible way."


Having a clear visibility plan that honors your unique gifts

Having a clear game-plan to promote your business

Dream clients rolling in your DMs wanting to work with you

Being a part of a community that has your back + holds you accountable

what members are saying

She helps me streamline my marketing efforts so I can do what I know works. 

Jaya has truly poured her heart into this work with real strategies you need to show up online.

Steal my signature social selling strategy - and finally have a clear pathway to making consistent sales.

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By the way, I’m Jaya.

Business mentor & Video Aficionado 

Speaking of getting the F out of your own way! I played small in my career and underestimated my own abilities for a long time. I owned a small fitness studio, and was an entrepreneur…But not because I was ambitious. More so because I was unemployable. I am neurodivergent and always struggled following other people's rules.

That's why running an online business really appealed to me. I discovered that I could be more ambitious, truly make an impact, and create a business that was tailored to my strengths.

I don't like to be told what to do, and I truly don't give a shit about fitting in.

What I know for sure is that having access to easy-to-implement business strategies, guidance from a seasoned entrepreneur and coach, and an amazing community to hold you accountable…

In just a few short months your business can look wildly different. If you are willing to commit to the meaningful actions laid out for you in the BW you will be well-known in the marketplace, your email list will be growing and you will be selling out your offers!

Enter… Video and self-promotion.

in 2016

I learned how to video market and promote my business. It gave me such a sense of freedom to know that I could speak my message on video and attract paying clients.

summer 2017

Facebook Live launched. And everything changed
I felt called to leave my fitness career behind and teach people how to speak their message on video.

So much so that I dove into an entirely new career at age 37! I launched Rock Your Videos that year and OMG…

And a passion was ignited in me that was both highly profitable and impactful. Eight years later, I've sustained six figures in my business, grown over 90,000 followers on TikTok, and have become a sought-after coach and keynote speaker.

 I 5X my income!!!

 I 5X my income!!!

What I know for sure is that having access to easy-to-implement business strategies, guidance from a seasoned entrepreneur and coach, and an amazing community to hold you accountable…

In just a few short months your business can look wildly different. If you are willing to commit to the meaningful actions laid out for you in the BW you will be well-known in the marketplace, your email list will be growing and you will be selling out your offers!

Finally, have a clear visibility plan that is tailored to your energy + get the accountability you need to show up and promote your business consistently!

After years of confusion Jaya helped me find my niche!

"In this last Q&A in the BW, I gained so much clarity on not only the importance of niching, but on my niche itself! It’s been YEARS trying to get beyond this. I feel lighter now and the fire has been lit to move forward with such passion and ease. The cycle of frantic action has been broken. Hallelujah! Thank you!"

bonus time!

Get instant access to 6 meditations and visualizations that will prime your energy for being visible and ignite your camera starpower! Your energy is the first thing people feel when they see you on video. Join the BW and get all the strategies and action steps you need to attract clients and put the icing on the cake with an energetic glow up with this game-changing bonus!

VALUE ($99)



Get instant access to a 5 part audio series that teaches you how to expand your set point with money - so your actions actually pay off! Listen to these powerful audios again and again to step into magnetic money energy & become aligned to receiving more abundance!

(VALUE) $129

Energetic glow up

MOney flow 

THis is an investment in you showing up more powerfully in your brand and creating community & sales with your consistent visibility online, it's recommended to stay in the membership for 6-12 months to truly do the work and get the results you are desiring!

monthly plan


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Quarterly Plan


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$1068 yearly

$297 quarterly

best deal!

Frequently asked questions

The BW Core Curriculum is pre-recorded and you will get immediate access when you join. Every other week you get to join in on a Live Q&A. Those will be recorded and time-stamped, for easy replay access. And there is one live training each month, that will also be recorded and added to your membership portal. 

The BW provides you with easy-to-implement lessons that you can go through at your own pace. Giving one hour a week to the lessons will give you big clarity in your business. The rest of the action we take is “business action.” The difference is that you will be getting results and making sales from the action you take!

Yes! The visibility, brand and sales lessons in the BW will set your new business up for big success. Whether you are new or seasoned in your business - the BW will give you the tools and accountability you need to grow your business and make sales online.

No worries, I get it! That’s why I designed the BW to be bite-size and give you incredible value at every turn. Truly, there is so much opportunity for you to get clarity, be supported and connect with the BW community that even if all you do is use 25% of the resources available to you - you will win!

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