I'm Jaya Rose

Welcome! I am Jaya, I am the host of the Deeper Than Hustle Podcast and Hustle-Free Business Coach for impact-driven sensitive humans who are here to lead and impact the world. Ready to grow your Conscious Business?

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Conscious Business Growth – CREATION

January 29, 2020

Today we dive into phase 3 of the Conscious Business Model: CREATION. I am breaking down how to create you own signature offer, and I get real about my own journey of owning all of my magic and the BIG resistances and doubts I have had along the way. You won’t want to miss this if you are a Coach, Healer or Teacher and have a desire to serve more people, make more money AND have more free time! 

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I'm Jaya Rose

Welcome! I am Jaya and I am the host of the She Rise Podcast and a Spiritual Life & Business Coach for ambitious sensitive women who are here to lead and impact the world. Ready to own your sensitivities and grow your Conscious Business? Let's do the damn thing!

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