It’s time to infuse your true self into your content and BUILD YOUR OWN STAGE, one that attracts an audience online who adores you and can't resist buying from you.


If you have been watching other people online getting booked out making 10k+ months and easily putting themselves out there with all the confidence in the world, and wondering how the heck they make that look so easy, well I’m going give you all the resources you need in the BW membership to do this too.

The secret?
Clarifying your unique brand message, being your own biggest fan and showing up in your visibility like the badass leader you are, so your soulfans can find you and buy from you!

You didn't come here to play by the rules. You came here to lead. Time to act accordingly.

BW love

"The BW helps me streamline my marketing efforts and show up on social media consistently!"

Diane is a therapist + coach and self proclaimed "busy business owner." She joined the BW to help her understand what's current on the social platforms and take the guess work out of what to post. She currently has 85k followers on TikTok and her business is booming!


The Being well known membership


 "There’s a wealth of valuable information and encouragement to implement in The Being Well Known Membership. Jaya always empowers us to go at our pace, which I love. And the Brand Map in Mission #1 is worth the membership alone!"

- Rachael Moshman


4 Core Big Business Missions

The BW Membership is your slow living, big business library.  Come back to it again and again, so you can get clear on your offer suite and the video marketing strategy to help you make bank. Sound good?

The BW Membership Breakdown:


Monthly Live Business Trainings with Jaya Rose

Stay up-to-date with the most current online business trends and strategies.  You will get a fresh and energizing live training with Jaya Rose every month in The BW!


Bi-Weekly Q + A's

Have you ever wished you had a business coach in your corner who could help guide you & answer your online business questions? Well, now you do! Ask Jaya your burning questions every other week in The BW and get a chance to have yours featured on a live Q + A.


Supportive Networking Community

Gain immediate access to a supportive community where you will meet potential besties, collaborators,! Plus be held accountable to showing up for your desire for bigger impact and income.

4 key business missions

BRAND MAP & VISIBILITY PLAN - get ready to have a clear pathway to speaking directly to your soulmate clients! Plus have the plan to show up consistently while still honoring your energy and needs.

- Learn how to use storytelling and video in your business with the most up-to-date strategies and frameworks, so you can get in front of the right people that need your work.

- You didn't start your business to be busy! So let's get you off phone calls and into your slow life! Learn how to build a business model that supports you and your desire for freedom.

PROMOTING YOURSELF & SALES - Learn my heart-centered approach to sales and promoting, so you never again have to doubt your sales process or fear that you are being salesy! Instead feel freed up to flex your brilliance and make sales on repeat!

BW love

"Jaya gives actionable strategy that helps you show up online and teaches you how to embody your message!"

Porsche is an amazing website designer and brand strategist. She joined the BW to help her get herself out on video, so she can share her work with more people. She is now confident sharing her message and attracting soulfans who truly love. her work!







STep into possibility.

Attract an audience who adore you and can't resist buying for you.

Feel inspired and confident in a visibility plan that honors your energy.

Wake up to sales and experience freedom in your business.

Create consistent 10k + months and feel confident knowing how to do it over-and-over again

Have a supportive community and coach in your corner, cheering you on.

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"Most coaches teach just strategy but Jaya’s approach is like inner work meets strategy. In such a short time I have the confidence to show up and be me on camera. I love the BW!"

- Superior Shanice

Worry that if they show up and promote their business more consistently people will judge them.

Haven't done video before

Other programs and memberships didn't hold your attention

Don’t have a ton of time to learn complicated strategies

Are just getting started in your online business



Those things don't need to hold you back any longer!

bonus bundle

Niching even as a Multi-passionate

Potent Messaging for Short-Form Video

Your Guide to Sales Calls That Convert

Dive into these potent mini-courses and get mega clear on your "brandable" niche + how to powerfully share your message and sell with integrity! Get this business bundle totally free when you enroll in The BW!

(value $249)

"I've been a part of The BW for a lil less than a week and I can see that it's one of the BEST investments I've ever made in my Coaching business. I definitely recommend it for someone who knows they have the sauce but wants elevate their content and put it all out there successfully."

- Charmian-Marie A. Beedle

"After only one training in the Membership I felt confident enough to do two videos without hesitating! Jaya provides strategies AND the inner empowerment that I need to show up as MORE of me in a very tangible way."

- Jennifer Castaneda

This is for you if:

YOu love what you do and want to share your message

you don't know what you want to do in your business

you want to make a big impact with your sacred work


you are ready to get well-known & attract clients

It's not for you if:


Frequently Asked Questions

What if I am afraid to get on video?

You can grow a profitable business without video, and you can use the prompts for writing too. But, my hope is that through this membership you will use the bonus material, support and prompts to get more comfy on camera. Your audience will know, love and trust you more easily when you are willing to show up on video and share your wisdom.

What if I am just getting started in my online business?

Here's the deal. Whether you are just starting out online or been at it for awhile you need to grow your brand and build out your low offer business model. Without this piece it is very hard to sell your programs or services, online. So, yes! If you want to share your message and attract clients, then it's time to become Well Known & Wealthy!

What if I don't like the membership?

Well, I think you will ;) But, you are welcome to quit at any time. Although I highly recommend that you commit to at least 3 months, and go all in with the recourses that are available to you. So, you can experience the full magic of having an audience of soul fans who love and buy from you!

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