Evolution is the cornerstone to sustainable success! And, it also takes courage to be willing to continually step into a new version of yourself. Today I am reminding you of the power of your own transformation and how to be there for yourself as you shift and grow. It can be messy af, but there […]

Today on the show we are talking about taking a stand in your coaching business. There never has been a time for silence, but with all that has been illuminated about racial injustice over the last few years, there is NO time or reason to not take a stand. My personal motto for my brand […]

Today on the Speak Your Truth Podcast we are talking with Elisa Canali who has created a multiple six-figure coaching business using her unique magic and energy. She teaches human design and gene keys to help you propel your money flow based on our signature energy. Listen in to take a quantum money flow leap, […]

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Welcome! I am Jaya and I am the host of the Speak Your Truth Podcast and a Speaking & Storytelling Coach for impact-driven sensitive women who are here to lead and impact the world. Ready to own your sensitivities and grow your Conscious Business? Let's do the damn thing!

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