Fear of Success

Before we dive in, make sure to join my upcoming Go-To Coach Workshop!! I’m going to be showing how to get seen, heard, and paid with more clarity and ease than ever before.  CLICK HERE to save your seat! There’s a million ways to run your business! But how do you know which route to go […]

LEARN ABOUT THE ACADEMY: www.myfreedombasedbusiness.com If you are new here, welcome to the Speak Your Truth Podcast, with me, Jaya Rose! You are in the right place if you are an impact-driven entrepreneur who is building a personal brand. On the show we talk about growing your brand consciously, embodied confidence, standing up for social […]

Today I am breaking down all my TikTok client attraction secrets, for you. From getting seen in your boldest most authentic self to positioning yourself as the transformational guide for your dream clients, I am covering it all. Grab and & paper and get to take some meaningful action! Join the Client Attraction Content Workshop! […]

Today we are talking about the mindset of being visible and what it really means when you are comparing yourself to others. Prepare to have a breakthrough and to take some inspired visibility action after you listen. I am also sharing my new TikTok program called Supercharge Your Client Attraction… learn more here: www.thejayarose.com/tiktok-attraction CLICK […]

There are 3 key things to focus on when creating a successful coaching business, and I am breaking them all down for you today. If you have ever wondered “why does it look so easy for them” – well I am going to tell you the secret! Tune in and take notes. And, join me […]

This past week I posted on TikTok calling white folks out to understand their whiteness. Guess how that went? Well, today in I am sharing with you my personal experience of being highly sensitive and also speaking my mind, and opening myself up to all sorts of crazy reactions from people on the internet. I […]

In today’s episode, we are talking about what it really means to BE magnetic and how you can leverage your values and vision for the world to attract soulfans and clients, online! Join my free community! If you are new here, welcome to the Speak Your Truth Podcast, with me, Jaya Rose! You are in […]

Today I am sharing some really exciting updates, including my new coaching program shop where you can save 50% off of ANY program you desire! I also share about the Transformational Coaching Certification that is launching this fall and how you can get on the waitlist. Plus, we dive into doing business your own way […]

Today I am telling you a story about visiting my daughter in LA and the super profound changes that are taking place because of ONE question she asked me. We are also gearing up for the launch of my online shop! This is a fun and exciting episode to listen to. Get ready to be […]

Have you ever thought to yourself that there may not be enough clients for you, or that YOU may be too much if were to really speak your truth and shine? Be honest. Well, today on the podcast we are releasing these ideas and stepping into the energy of BIG abundance! Have you heard that […]

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