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Mastering Your Money Love Language w/ Megan Hale

December 26, 2019

Megan Hale is a leadership coach, integrity expert, former psychotherapist, and founder of Wild & Holy® providing mindset and energetic wisdom mixed with business strategy for women entrepreneurs to show up braver, go all in, and expand into their fullest expression. Through grounded leadership, she guides her clients to hold exquisite space for themselves during times of deep expansion while consistently growing their profits & visibility to serve at their highest level.

With a sought-after spiritual perspective, Megan pulls together powerful groups of integrity-driven women entrepreneurs for her group coaching and mentorship programs, courses, and Wild & Holy Weekend retreats all tailored around the intersection of mindset, money, and business strategy while deepening into your own grounded leadership.  Her free Grounded Goals Masterclass invites you into her unique goal setting process to create your own grounded money goals, the foundation for money that feels good with a roadmap to achieve your wildest success.

With a special interest in elevating women’s leadership & wealth, she regularly podcasts on the intersections of psychology, spirituality, money, & business on her much acclaimed weekly show, Wild & Holy Radio available on your favorite podcasting app.  

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