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Hey! I'm Jaya Rose

I’ve always had a rebellious spirit – becoming a mother at 19, raising my first daughter on a hippy commune in Northern California, and shattering every single box that the world tried to put me in. As a neurodivergent, multi-passionate creative, I’ve always been fiercely protective of my energy. Because of that, I thought that a six-figure career would never be an option for me. I became okay with earning less in exchange for having the peace of mind I desired. Sound familiar?

I discovered the online space over 8 years ago, I became obsessed with messaging and video, quickly grew to 6 figures and then burnt the fuck out. So I burned it all down and set on a journey to design a business model that accomodates slow living: And I realized something incredible:

I didn’t have to sacrifice my energy to attract abundance. I simply had to share my gifts with the world and have a clear offer suite, aka... a slow living business model.

The same goes for you. You don’t have to sacrifice time, peace of mind, energy, or profit in order to take care of yourself in your career. The recipe: claim you main character era, share your gifts with the world, and create an irresistable offer suite Luckily, I’m an expert at all three.

your free-spirited, reggae lovin', visibility & time freedom MENTOR