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Honey, if you are on a path to live your purpose OUTLOUD and make an impact… I’ve got you. Today on the Speak Your Truth Podcast I am dropping a truthbomb that will help you keep going and find grace in where you are right now, even if it feels hard. If you are new […]

Truthbomb: Honoring the natural ebb & flow of life creates soulful and sustainable success. Listen in to today’s truthbomb episode and learn how to “let go” and allow growth to happen during the downtime, too. Click here to download: 7 Storytelling & Visibility Prompts for Social Media PDF If you are new here, welcome to […]

Today on the She Rise podcast I am sharing the story of my second divorce and how it was the catalyst for my RISE and where it led me. Take a listen and let know if you relate to any of it.  Enroll in the Impactful Storytelling Program: Join us at She Rise Live […]

We are taking a break for a minute from the Conscious Business Series, cause this Breakdown to Breakthrough Story is too good not to share in real-time! So sit back, get a cupppa tea and enjoy this relatable story of Momming and Bossing! AND get your booty signed up for the FREE Impactful Storytelling Series! […]

In this episode of the SR Podcast I get real about growing in my relationship with spirit and myself, and being disliked and losing friends along the way.   Magnetic Embodiment Guidebook CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD GUIDEBOOK Get Social with Jaya Rose! IG handle: FB Group: FB Personal Page (follow): FB Business Page: […]

Trusting in your purpose is sometimes easier said than done. Especially if you are unclear about what that purpose is in the first place. But, in this episode of the IEP I am breaking down my eight phase Embody Method and how it will help you align with and carry forth your soul purpose with […]

Today I am jamming out on Joy! Did you know you can actually hold Joy like a plank? Yup, a spiritual plank. I’m sharing a training I made for my upcoming course Supercharge Receiving Your Desires… You get a behind-the-scenes look in this quick and potent training on how to attract your desires using this […]

Have you ever had every intention of creating a new positive habit, and then once you get going it falls to the wayside and you feel guilty about it? Well… No more. After listening to this episode you will understand my method of using something I call the “discipline bucket” and how it can help […]

In this episode I am breaking down how to own your confidence even in a brand new situation when you are totally outside your comfort zone. As you grow, one of the most important things is to continue to move forward with confidence in yourself and your ability to be OK even if failure is […]

  We’ve all been there… Whether it’s PMS or just a good ol’ cranky mood, have you ever wondered how your funk affects your vibration?   Well, I’m breaking it down for you today and giving you six very important steps to maintaining your high vibration and also allowing yourself the real feelings you’re going […]

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