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No more wondering how to attract all the right people to your business. In this free Video Marketing Course you will learn how to show up in your unique star power, promote your business like a boss  and  strategically call in dream clients with authentic video content! 



This course is going to help you up-level your video marketing & create...

If you want the type of online business that gives you free time, supports your lifestyle and makes great money - you need the type of energy on video (I call it star power) that gets more people's attention so you can sell more of your amazing products or services!


The best part about video content that converts (besides all your dreams coming true) is that you have the power to change people's lives with your free content. And when you you do that generously, you attract both raving fans & paying customers.


You don't have to be salesy to make sales. Learn how to leverage your video content so it works for you. In this free video marketing course I'm going to share the exact strategies I have used to sell almost half a million dollars without bro-marketing or hustling.

Hey! I'm Jaya Rose

Before I got comfy on camera I was sooo scared to put myself out online. I thought that because I am nuerodivergent and the opposite of a hustler that success what not for me. So I stayed small on the sidelines and honestly thought that promoting my business was annoying AF and salesy.

Boy, was I wrong! When I finally was willing to get out of my own way and show up on video + promote my business, everything clanged! I now have a thriving online business that gives me time freedom (remember I don't like hustle πŸ˜‰) and my husband has quit his 9-5 and join the business!

We have the life I have always dreamt of! Filled with love, abundance and both financial and time freedom! And it is 100% possible because of the power of video marketing and self promotion!

This is why I created this course for you. So you can experience the freedom of a successful online business too!

I’m here to teach you everything that I know – from years of showing up (even when it’s scary), selling on camera, – so that you can get confident on camera and create high-conversion content in your business on repeat. You in?

your reggae lovin', hustle-free business coach & VIDEO AFICIONADO

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