By creating a personal brand and developing offers that help you attract the people that need your work.

Launch or grow a profitable coaching business and help more people with your genius

By creating a personal brand and developing offers that help you attract the people that need your work.



It’s time to put an end to your business struggles.

Instead of playing guessing games in your online coaching business, Go-To Coach teaches you to create your own stage with…

Content that magnetizes your ideal clients to your business.
A brand voice that speaks directly to (and only to) your people.
Empowering confidence and clarity surrounding your business, your offers, your marketing, and more.

If you’ve been held up in the details of growing your coaching business, Go-To Coach makes it easier than ever to sell your skills and start offering support to the people who need you – your future clients!

See what happens when you go all-in on Go-To Coach:


You don't need to waste your time being overwhelmed & frustrated 

Most online business programs tell you...

Treat everyone like a customer and be aggressive in sales, don't take no for an answer

Hustle & grind all the time even if you are sensitive or get burnt out

Position yourself as an "expert" and speak to people's pain

The go-to coach method teaches you to..

Create a safe and connected space in sales conversations, so the client wants to say yes

Build a sustainable business so you can spend time with family and work when you want

Be authentic and real in your content, so you naturally attract soul-mate clients

It’s time to stop daydreaming about the life you’d like to live and start living it.

With Go-To Coach supporting you, you can create a sought-after online coaching business. Just bring your personality and gifts, and I’ll teach you the rest.

Unlike any course you’ve seen before, the Go-To Coach Program teaches you how to turn your gifts into much-needed coaching programs. Then, you’ll learn how to market them, get seen on social media, and connect with soulmate clients who love you for who you are! Instead of following overplayed, icky “sales strategies,” Go-To Coach teaches you to become the industry go-to simply by sharing your personality with the world.


You became a coach to help people and make good money.

But along the way, you’ve found conflicting advice, slimy sales strategies, and marketing methods that just don’t feel like “you.”

Good news. You don’t have to follow the same-old, cookie-cutter business “rules” to have a thriving coaching business. In fact, you can grow a global brand that consistently attracts soulfans and paying clients in a way that is completely customized to you.

It’s not about checking off boxes. It’s about learning to embrace your power, find your voice, and share your message with the world.


“I launched my freebie just how Jaya taught and dozens of people signed up right away. This program is a game-changer!”

- Amanda Connell | CEO of Radical Transformation

Inside Go-To Coach:

The Go-To Coach program is designed to be immediately activated with short & potent video lessons, accompanied by clarity-inspired workbooks and action prompts so that you take the right actions that lead to big results.

You will be walked through lessons on how to niche yourself using your story, how to create stand-out messaging, and how to show up as the powerful leader that you were always meant to be. Inside, you’re handed everything you need to package and sell your coaching with ease.

It’s time to take bold action and transform your business to make massive income and impact.

Niching & Messaging

The key to becoming the most sought-after coach in your industry is crafting your messaging and building your niche around your story. I am going to teach you exactly how to use these elements to speak directly to your soulmate clients, so you never have to force yourself into a sleazy sales conversation again.

Uncertainty never did you any good, so let’s remove it from your business entirely. You are brilliant, and deserve to take up space and share your message with the world. So, I am handing you the powerful embodiment practices that I used to take myself from brimming with self-doubt at $30k to stepping into my power at multiple six-figures.

Embodied Confidence & Brand Identity

& Pricing

Now that you’ve harnessed your magic, it’s time to package it with conviction! Never spend another second doubting your services, your prices, or yourself. Instead, learn how to create transformational packages that get your clients results, and get you paid in abundance. This is the exact method that I used to make my first $150k during my first year as an online coach!

Social Media & Sales

No more sitting on the sidelines, watching everyone else sell their services with ease and wondering… “How TF do I do that???” I’ll give you all the tools and skills you need to become a go-to leader in your niche, with clients reaching out directly to you. Once you master social media and sales in a way that feels comfortable and natural, everything else comes easy.

Get the Money Flow Program for FREE!

This power-packed program teaches you to increase your financial setpoint, accept and welcome abundance into your life, and open yourself up to a life of receiving and giving more! 


($149 Value) 

Finally know which steps to take in order to get the big results you’ve been dreaming of from your online coaching business.

Feel 100% confident sharing your message with the world, because you know that it will attract perfectly aligned, soulmate clients to your business.

Are seen as an industry leader and the go-to coach in your niche, with an inbox full of inquiries, podcast invites, speaking gigs, and more!

Have a clear plan for selling your services in a way that feels fulfilling instead of slimy.

Wake up to opportunities filling your inbox on a daily basis.

Create financial and time freedom for yourself, and your family.

Imagine a life where you…


It may feel like a far-fetched dream now, but after implementing the skills taught inside of Go-To Coach, it can quickly become your reality.

Hi, I’m Jaya! 

→ Made $100,000 in one group program launch
→ Bought my dream house in my dream neighborhood.
→ Brought my husband home from his 9-5.
→ Don’t work more than 15 hours per week.

I know what it’s like to read accomplishments like that and think “Damn! I wish that could be me!” I’ve been in that position before – watching other online coaches live their dreams and wondering how the fuck they got there. The good news is, you can make your business into whatever you set your heart to. But first, you need the skills.

And after becoming the go-to hustle-free business coach, I…

I created Go-To Coach to teach you the exact messaging, marketing, branding, and sales methods that I used to take myself from an underearning personal trainer making $30k per year, to a heart-led online business coach making $15k per MONTH.

But the best part of my business isn’t the time and personal freedom that I’ve created for myself and my family. It isn’t even the financial abundance that I thought would never be possible for me. It's the fact that I get to teach people like you how to share their gift with the world, and embrace everything that’s possible for them with open arms.


GTC is for you, if…

You are a coach, healer, or service provider who craves bigger income and impact in their business.

You have a habit of letting courses collect dust in your inbox.

You want to be equally of service as you are abundant.

You have no idea what you want to do in your business.

You are ready to put in the work and take decisive action in order to see big results.

GTC probably isn’t for you, if…

You don’t feel ready to take action towards your dreams.


It’s time to take action towards your dreams.

By becoming your industry’s go-to coach.