magnetic on camera is a COMPREHENSIVE HOME-STUDY PROGRAM designed to help you SHINE ON CAMERA  and sell your offers!


Ready to Feel Confident AF Using Short-Form Video + Attract an Audience of Soulfans Who Buy From You?

Ready to Feel Confident AF Using Short-Form Video + Attract an Audience of Soulfans Who Buy From You?


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I'm sure you know the power of short-form video and how it can "blow up" your business! But, maybe you are afraid to post or you have been posting on TikTok or Reels for a while and feel like you're missing something... and, that something is SALES!

It's time to stop feeling frustrated and wasting your time with content that's not converting!

No more feeling unclear or taking advice from all different coaches, instead get a customized video plan that actually converts to paying clients.

Magnetic on Camera is the answer to your sales prayers!

You don't need to feel insecure wondering what to post or how to attract the right people with your content. Magnetic On Camera will teach you!

You don't need to get caught up trying to figure out how to take your big message and turn it into a compelling 30 second video that converts. Magnetic On Camera will teach you!

You don't need to throw spaghetti against the wall and burn yourself out posting 5 times a day only to end up with no sales. Magnetic On Camera will teach you!  

It's time to grow your visibility with confidence

Get seen for your full brilliance & go big with your message

It's time to grow a whole new audience of soulfans who buy from you

Here's what will help...

A supportive community to cheer you on as you shine

An easy to follow process that builds your confidence and gives you powerful tools you can use again-and-again to grow your business with video

A tried-and-true method for attracting an audience of soul-fans who buy from you with short-form video

A coach who teaches with nuance and can help you own your brilliance and get seen online

In magnetic on camera I'm teaching you the heart-led strategies I've used to bring in over $350,000 with short-form video!

Wondering what's


Magnetic on Camera is a comprehensive Home-Study Program that teaches you the ins-and-outs of how to use short-form video to attract an audience of soul-fans who buy from you.

You get life-time access to easy-to-digest lessons with an assignment each week to help you take the right actions that will create big momentum.

Guided lessons and assignments that will help you take meaningful action that creates big momentum and business growth

Participate in the program at whatever times work for you! There are no scheduled calls to show up to. You get to do your lesson + assignment whenever it works for you!

module #1 | being bold

this home-study experience is designed to help you

The thing about short-form video is that you need make a big impact in a short amount of time. So you need to up your confidence and conviction and FLEX your brilliance. That's what we will focus on week one, along with how to regulate your nervous system through the fear.

attract an audience of paying clients

MODULE #3 | outlines + scripts

Not sure how to arrange your message into a short video that converts? No problem! Once you get access to my video scripts you'll have the exact formula you need for success.

MODULE #2 | potent messaging

In week two we are taking your big message and turning it into short and potent truthbombs! Plus you'll learn how to create hooks that get and keep attention.

MODULE #4 | content that converts

Never again wonder what topics to post to attract clients and customers. Learn how to create short-form video that convert on repeat. 

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MODULE #5 | Promotions + Sales

It's time to start promoting your business in a powerful way that is not salely yet effective! Learn the ins-and-outs of calls to action that actually get people taking action toward working with you.

Trauma Healer & Creator of the Worthy YOU Movement

Mandy Harvey

Jaya is the most intuitive, magical coach I’ve worked with. Her way of guiding you to clarity in your story, alignment to your purpose, and embodiment of YOUR magic feels safe, comforting, and effortless. This program and her medicine was the missing link for me, that helped me stand tall and confident in what I bring to to my clients and the world. The content was easy to follow and easy to fit into my busy schedule, and it created plenty of opportunities for breakthroughs and lot’s of practical action. I highly recommend this program and working with Jaya! You will thank yourself for saying yes!

jaya's programs are truly life changing!

Jen Kohler

Master Reiki Healer & Intuitive Coach

Working with Jaya is a MUST for all Spiritual Entrepreneurs!

I have worked Jaya in almost every program she has put out in the last 4 years. She is just that good! If you want to up-level your message, get seen using video and feel way more confident, you need Jaya. She has the most amazing intuitive gift to know exactly where you are (even in a group setting) and she meets you right there. She is all about inspired action, self-care, and aligned actionable steps that will change your life and your business, forever.


I am obsessed with visibility and shining on video! Why? Well, because of childhood pain of course. I always had a desire to be seen, but growing up with a disabled sister had be hiding big-time. I learned to tone it down, stay small and make everyone else feel comfy. This "stay small" wound ran deep. But, the desire to help people and be on stage was too strong to be silenced.

When I found the online space 7 years ago, the visibility aspect of online business excited and terrified me! But, once I started using video I was sold!

Fast forward 5 years and I found TikTok! Let me tell you... I was even more terrified. Even though I had already been using video and even teaching it - short-form video felt impossible!

My daughter Becca had success on TikTok, so on my 44 birthday she twisted my arm and filmed 5 or 6 videos of me, And guess what? 2 of them viral! So you better believe I leveraged that fire under my ass and mastered the art of short-form video. Subsequently moving all my visibility to TikTok and attracting over $350,000 into my business! Now, Im teaching you everything I know, so you can be magnetic on camera and create content that converts into sales, on repeat! Ready?

Hey! I'm Jaya

Monetize Your Brand on TikTok

Create a Compelling Brand Story

Get ready to be fully empowered to launch and monetize your brand on TikTok! Included in this TikTok bundle you will learn how to do the basics of video creation + how to speak the language of TikTok and create content that attracts paying clients! (Value $199)

free program

free program

It's time for you to have clarity on how to create a compelling brand story + sell with storytelling in your content! In this robust storytelling bonus you get access a tried-and-true process for how to pick a story, the framework to put stories together and how to put it all into your unique brand story that sells! (Value $249)

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Magnetic on Camera is a comprehensive home-study program! Once you enroll you will have access to your bonuses and immediate access to your entire Magnetic on Camera Program! Have questions? Send me an email