Create, launch, and sell a group program that changes lives – with hands on development support from a multi-six-figure online business coach.

A high impact online coaching program + done for you build out service

Turn your brilliance into a profitable online program.

Turn your brilliance into a profitable online program that helps people + gives you free-time with The Profitable Offer Method!


Stop trading your time for money and learn to make a living from sharing your impact with the masses.

I quit my 9-5 after launching a group program and learning Jaya's sales strategies! Her method changed my whole life!

The Profitable Offer Method takes the guesswork out of building a high-impact, high-earning program that generates big results and raving reviews.

changes lives

You didn’t start your business to be busy, with (what feels like) every waking moment spent on 1:1 Zoom calls. You started it to help people. But instead, you’re battling burnout as you continue to take on more clients than you can handle just to increase your profits…

What if I told you that you could help more people in less time, without worrying about hitting a wall?

By turning your 1:1 coaching into a 1 to many offer, you are able to positively impact more lives with your message, share your genius with those that need it, generate the same life-altering results for your students, increase your income, AND keep more of your precious time for yourself.

The Profitable Offer Method

Take the cap off of your income with


Turn your gifts into unlimited income, by maximizing your impact with a group or evergreen offer.

Whether you’re a self-paced learner, or a “hand it off to an expert” kind of gal, The Profitable Offer Method has a route for you. It’s like a choose your own adventure, where every outcome results in amplified impact and increased income.

Plus, get optional "done for you" support from team Jaya Rose.

#1 DIY | homestudy

Customize your Profitable Offer experience:

Get immediate access to all modules of The Profitable Offer Method to immediately start learning and building your own one to many offer or course. This completely self-paced option is for the independent learners, who prefer to take matters into their own hands.

→ Identify your ideal student.
→ Create your signature methodology.
→ Launch & sell your program or course.
→ Sell it out, over and over again.

explore your options!

#2 DIY HOmestudy + buildout

After you go through the Profitable Offer Program and have your course or program outline ready to implement, Jonathan will customize your program for you inside of Kartra. This added level of support ensures that your new group porgram or evergreen offer is built out seamlessly and ready to open its doors to students ASAP.

→ Get access to everything inside of The Profitable Offer Method.
→ Outline your course and create your signature methodology.
→ Hand everything off to an expert who will relieve all of your tech headaches by building your course out for you!



“I went from feeling burnt out only seeing 1:1 clients to selling out my first launch, making 24k and having the knowledge to do it again!

- Micara link

Jaya Rose is a reggae-loving, neurodivergent business coach, wife, and mother who is obsessed with making a life-changing impact on her clients, teaching others to confidently show up for themselves and their business, and helping the people around her thrive. Alongside Jonathan (husband, daddy, and zaddy), she is helping her clients go allllll the way in on their “fuck yes” businesses that provide them with personal, financial, and time freedom.

If you’ve hit a wall in your business, then it’s time to reassess how you can share your gift with the people who need it. Instead of trading your time for money, why not share your impact with the masses and release yourself from stuffy business models once and for all. Together, we can help you turn your sacred work into an offer that can set you free and help you live the life that you’ve always dreamt of.

Are you in?

Meet Jaya and Jonathan

Your new favorite business besties + power couple.


Your future clients need you.

But when you’re stuck in a cycle of burnout, trading your (limited) time for money, and only offering 1:1 services, they can’t find you and they can’t learn from you. It’s your responsibility to share your gift with the world. I will teach you how to do it without becoming overworked and overwhelmed.


When you enroll into the program you will get immediate access + an email with your login information. If you purchase the buildout you will also receive an email and link to book a build-out call with Jonathan. The buildout usually happens 1 month out from you going through course. You will be all taken care of once you decide you are in!