A high impact online coaching program + done for you build out service

Turn your brilliance into a profitable online program that helps people + gives you free-time with The Profitable Offer Method!

Turn your brilliance into a profitable online program that helps people + gives you free-time with The Profitable Offer Method!


Take the guess work out of building programs + courses that create big results and raving fans!

I quit my 9-5 after launching a group program and learning Jaya'a sales strategies! Her method changed my whole life!

Create, launch & sell a group program or course that

changes lives

Make more money without energy sucking zoom calls!

You didn't start your business to be busy. You started it to help people. Well, how about we do that on a larger scale without burnout?

Learn how to craft & sell group programs or courses that highlight your genius, get your students results and give you back your precious time.

Take the cap off of your income with the Profitable Offer Method!

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The Profitable Offer Method


Reach more people with your work by creating an accessible life changing methodology, that can be delivered without your energy!

#1 DIY | homestudy

The profitable offer method is customizable to you

Learn how to turn your spark into profit in this high-impact homestudy program. Identify your ideal student, create your methodology + launch & sell your program or course. This program has everything you need to easily craft your offer, sell it out and then do it again-and-again.

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#3  Coaching with Jaya

Want a guided experience and support as you go through the Profitable Offer Program? Get access to the program + 3 months of 1:1 coaching with Jaya. She will help you clarify your offer, methodology, messaging and support your in your launch! Move of resistance, enter total Queen/King energy.

#2 DIY HOmestudy + buildout

After you go through the Profitable Offer Program and have your outline ready, Jonathan will customize your program for you in Kartra. You will have the strategy and know how to create & sell your offer and it will be 100% built out and branded for you! This is a no-brainer deal.

#4 | The whole shebang

Just like it sounds! This is the all-in-offer that will have you feeling on fire! Walk away in just a few months with a Profitable Offer launched and sold! With the 1:1 coaching from Jaya and the build-out from Jonathan your business is going to boom!


“I went from feeling burnt out only seeing 1:1 clients to selling out my first launch, making 24k and having the knowledge to do it again!

- Micara link

Jaya is as sensitive-reggae-loving wife and mama who is obsessed with making a positive impact on the coaching industry and in her clients lives! With her 20 years experience creating result oriented programs for clients and online marketing genius - she is primed and ready to help you turn your brilliance into impact + free time!

Jonathan is a tennis aficionado, daddy and zaddy who has been supporting Jaya for the last seven years in her online business and finally decided to go all in on her back-end. He's a digital whiz who can turn your outlined program into a money making machine. If you are ready to release the stress of trying to figure it out yourself and have a ready to sell offer - Jonathan is your guy!

Together they will help you turn your sacred work into a Profitable Offer that has the potential of giving you your dream life!

Meet Jaya and Jonathan

When you enroll into the program you will get immediate access + an email with your login information. If you purchase the buildout you will also receive an email and link to book a build-out call with Jonathan. The buildout usually happens 1 month out from you going through course. You will be all taken care of once you decide you are in!