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Are you feeling called to fully own, honor and elevate your deepest most authentic power & energy, so you can spread your message like wild fire and attract wildly aligned and magnetic opportunities?

If that's an Oh YES, honey. Then we should connect!

My Coaching style is intuitive, practical and personalized to you, each and every session I will meet you exactly where you are and help you rise into the most expanded and authentic version of you.

Let's connect, sister!

Conscious Business Session

Receive my 1:1 support as we dive into your big vision and business. I will help you elevate to your next level, creating a clear plan to move you forward with more ease and power than ever before! Together we will create clarity and certainty for your mission and the longevity of your business and brand. 


Impactful Storytelling

Join me in the my 6 week signature program, Impactful Storytelling -  where you will learn to master the art of storytelling and set yourself and your business up for massive success through, speaking opportunities, podcast invitations and guest teaching spots. Having the ability to tell Impactful Stories will open up your world in the most beautiful ways!


3-6 month packages

This is so juicy! In a beautiful container we create together you will have room to stretch your wings and feel divinely supported as you rise, We will work on your energetic stamina, clarity, desires and online personal branding, I will walk with you as you expand your leadership, visibility, impact and income! 

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"She is a bad-ass, Goddess that is in spiritual alignment and clear about her purpose here on Earth. Luckily for us, she is sharing all of her innate gifts with the world as an HSP, leader and coach. Jaya's coaching programs provide the perfect mix of illumination and support. I highly recommend taking any of her coaching programs on-line or in person. Your life will change!"

Jaya rose is the lady gaga of coaching

APRIL HANSEN | Master Healer & Ayurvedic Coach 

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Authenticity is a word that has become more of a strategy in the online space than an actual way of being. And while so many “work on” authenticity, Jaya Rose simply embodies it.

while so many “work on” authenticity, Jaya Rose simply embodies it.

Jason Goldberg | Founder of Infinite Receiving

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Jaya walks her talk and leads by example, being authentically and unapologetically herself and empowering others to do the same!

Jaya walks her talk and leads by example

Dajon Farrell | Founder of Infinite Receiving

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More love

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No worries! You can get started right where you are with my beautiful home-study course, Align.  Feel clear, confident and courageous after just the first of this 10 module program. Don't wait, there will never be a better time than right NOW to rise!

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