Client Attraction & Visibility Program

You are too damn good at what you do to be on the side lines! Let's get you SEEN for what you do, so you can make the impact you were born to make and shine your light!

You're ready to be seen for being you and attract clients doing so. In the Client Attraction Program, you will get everything you need to grow your brand and sell your offers with ease!

Client Attraction & Visibility

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Wondering what's included? So you can grow your Transformational Business in alignment with your truth you access to all of this + action oriented modules! A comprehensive Home-Study Program + Value-Packed Modules & Workbooks! Everything you need to learn to stand out online!

What's included?

As soon as you enroll you will gain access to entire program + transformational pre-work to get you clear and focused on taking meaningful action! In this program I'm going to teach you soul led strategies to help you get out of your way, step into your bigness and grow your Transformational Business with Soul Led Visibility! I hope you are ready to say YES to yourself and your sacred work.

How It Works

I'm gonna give it to you straight. Playing small and hiding your brilliance is not working for you anymore... you know that now is your time to step out of that old story and into the spotlight. Cause let's be real, you are too damn good at what you do to be on the side lines, and you have always known you were meant to lead, take up space, make an impact and shine your light!

Who's It For

I am 100% confident that the program you are buying is not only worth the money, but that it will pay you back infinite times over, if you do the work, that is. This program is comprehensive and will guide you to your desired outcome. That is why I don't offer refunds. My hope is that you commit to the transformation that is available to you in this program and go all in on yourself!

Are There Returns

Get seen, heard and paid in your brand?

You are meant to be in the spotlight, living your purpose and getting well-paid. It's your time!

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love notes

from my clients

I was struggling with sales a lot before I learned Jaya's Soulful Sales method. After I learned the energetics part of sales and listened to Jaya's Sales Meditation the following few weeks I enrolled 6 new clients! It felt kind of like magic.
-Grace Brodeur

The most helpful part of this program for me was the sales call workbook. I finally feel empowered to lead a sales call with confidence. And I have gotten all yeses on calls since learning the soulful sales method. I am blown away!
-Jenny Roe