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by harnessing the power of authentic video marketing.

Tell me if this sounds familiar…

You know the importance of getting yourself on video to grow your business and make sales, but everything in your life gets priority over speaking your message on camera. Like even the dishes, most days ;)

And when you do get your phone set up to record, you get stuck in your head trying to figure out the right hook or if maybe you're supposed to just look cute and point at words, or even worse… dance on camera?!

When you finally do hit post, you expect to at least make a couple sales to make up for your struggles aaaaaand… crickets. Or, crickets sprinkled with a couple of likes from your family members and friends.

Or maybe you have been posting videos consistently, taking every piece of advice from every guru and still, 

your message isn’t landing and you have no idea what you’re doing wrong.

Talk about discouraging.

It’s not you, babe! You just don’t know how to turn a cold audience hot with your message and camera presence.

And let me tell you, the marketplace is getting smarter by the day and your ideal client is more skeptical than ever.

The best thing you can do is share your message powerfully on video and create mega-trust with your audience.


But how you ask?

has entered the chat...

The Video Magic program will teach you A to Z how to speak your message with authority, fire up your video presence, make video creation easy, and most importantly, sell your offers!

Whether you want to attract people to download your freebie, join your course, or sign up for your 10k offer, Video Magic will teach you how to create instant trust and authority - with even a cold audience.

And we all know that trust is the cornerstone to sales.

if you're ready to

grow your online audience with a clear niche & message


get recognized for your brilliance as a sought-after leader


attract an audience full of soulfans who will buy from you on the spot


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…then it’s time to harness the full power of speaking your message on camera!

grow your online audience with a clear niche & message


get recognized for your brilliance as a sought-after leader


attract an audience full of soulfans who will buy from you on the spot


i'm ready

…then it’s time to harness the full power of speaking your message on camera!

“Jaya taught me how to  magnetize my audience with a clear message and I was able to quit my 9-5 and had my first 30k month. Her strategies around messaging and sales changed my life!”

procrastination coach



You are going to love how the lessons are laid out in the Video Magic Program! Each training is 8-12 minutes and has an action step attatched to it, so you always feel on-track and focused!

Action steps


Each module in Video Magic provided you with easy to follow action steps and workbooks, so you can take the right actions in your online business and start making more sales ASAP!

real strategies


There is no fluff in the Video Magic Program! You will learn the exact same strategies I currently use to sell 30K a month in my coaching business and have helped my clients sell out their launches!

life-time access


You will have life=time access to your Video Magic library and also access to updates over time. Use the content library to come back to again and again and never again wonder what to say in your videos to make sales!

video magic breakdown:

Video Magic is a Guided home-study Program designed to help you stand-out as the go-to leader in your niche and make sales from your video content!

mod 01

Unique brand voice

mod 02

Video Presence & Production

The way the marketplace is moving you need a strong brand identity in your videos, so you can continue to create instant trust even with a cold audience. In Video Magic I am going to help you create a consistent brand vibe, along with learning the skills to create, edit, and publish high-powered speaking videos in less than 15 minutes.

Your brand voice needs to be clear, compelling and unique to you in order to attract dream clients and opportunities. In Video Magic I am going to walk you through my signature niching & messaging process that will give you instant and lasting clarity on how to stand out on video in a crowded marketplace and attract a red-hot-ready-to-buy audience!

mod 03

customized Content playbook

Learn the Big 3 video categories you need in your marketing to build trust and convert cold audiences. Get access to the video scripts that will help you constantly attract new clients with my video content. You’ll never struggle to speak to camera again. because you will have access to entire library of video ideas and hooks!

mod 04

savvy social selling

If your videos are not consistently converting you need my Savvy Social Selling Method! You will learn how to use your video content to promote your business in a way that feels empowering, not salesy. Plus, learn how to add calls to action to your videos that will get people excited to work with you!

mod 05

Lights + Camera + Action

Ditch the “what to post” guessing games and learn to create content that converts on repeat in the final week of Video Magic! You are doing a 5-day Savvy Social Sales Challenge where you will receive 5 speaking video prompts that will help you embody the lessons you learned in Video Magic + create massive trust with your audience, so they buy from you!

Video magic will teach you how to be seen as a sought-after leader in your field, with the power of your video marketing.

by the way...

i'm jaya

 Brand Voice, Video Aficionado & your fave business mentor

I played small in my career and underestimated my own abilities for a long time. I owned a small fitness studio, and was an entrepreneur…But not because I was ambitious. More so because I was unemployable. I am neurodivergent and always struggled following other people's rules. I don't like to be told what to do, and I truly don't give a shit about fitting in. That's why running an online business really appealed to me. I discovered that I could be more ambitious, truly make an impact, and create a business that was tailored to my strengths.

Enter… Video creation.

In 2016 I learned how to share a magnetic message on camera

It gave me such a sense of freedom to know that I could speak my message on video and attract paying clients. In the summer of 2017, Facebook Live launched. And everything changed. I felt called to leave my fitness career behind and teach people how to speak their message on video. So much so that I dove into an entirely new career at age 37!

I launched Rock Your Videos that year and OMG…

 I 5X my income!!!

And a passion was ignited in me that was both highly profitable and impactful. Eight years later, I've sustained six figures in my business, grown over 90,000 followers on TikTok, and have become a sought-after coach and keynote speaker. What I know for sure is that learning how to speak your message clearly, confidently, and in a way that converts, is absolutely a superpower that you should prioritize learning, right now. You have no idea how much financial abundance and life-changing opportunities are about to come your way! Because you believe so much in your mission, that you are willing to own your voice and show up for the people who need your work.

this is your year to fill your coaching practice, and feel wildly abundant! It's right on the other side of diving into...

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Unlock the video-selling secrets that have brought in over half a million dollars for my coaching business.

“Jaya helped me create big magic in my business! When I went to her I was overwhelmed and unclear about my message. Her niching & messaging process helped me get so clear that 2 weeks later I went viral and sold 24k from one video! If you get the chance to work with Jaya, I highly recommend it.”

Spiritual Teacher


Get access to two amazing bonus trainings when you enroll in Video Magic!

Monetize Your Brand on TikTok

Create a Compelling Brand Story

Learn how to speak the language of TikTok and create videos that will instantly attract an audience of aligned soulfans. ($199 value)

Learn how to pick a story, put your stories together, and combine everything into a unique brand story that sells! ($249 value)

Becca Luna is teaching a bonus class in the program on how she has sold 4.6 Million dollars in courses by building community with video content! Trust me when I tell you this training alone is worth the investment into Video Magic! (invaluable)

A SPECIAL training with my daughter Becca luna!

Make the impact you were born to make by speaking your message on camera and always having the power to call in dream clients.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there live calls I need to attend?

The program curriculum is pre-recorded and you have life-time access to the program. You can go through it at your own pace and there are no calls to show up for. Giving you total freedom to learn at your own pace and take right actions for you business growth! There are no live calls.

How much time each week do I need to give to get the most out of the program? 

Your lessons are pre-recorded and range from 8-12 minutes each. I recommend taking 5 weeks to go through the material. One Mod each week will take you about 1 hour and then time to record videos. I find this to be a sustainable way to go through the program and integrate the lessons while helping you create momentum in your business!

I’m already confident on camera, will this still be good for me?

Absolutely! You will be one step ahead of the curve, but still plenty to work on! Fine-tuning your message, making video creation easier and more effective, and creating sales, will help you take your camera confidence to level 10 and turn your message into a movement!

I’m new to business, is Video Magic right for me?

If you know what you want to do and are good at what you do, then yes! Video Magic will help you niche down and clarify your message and those are the first steps to creating a successful business. Plus I’m going to give you my Comfy on Camera Excersie so you will be well on your way to creating a successful online business!

What if I get easily overwhelmed in programs?

No worries, I get it! That’s why I designed the program to be bite-size, never overwhelming and you will have lifetime access. You can go back through any lesson you need more clarity on and use the content section as library so you always have high-converting ideas for you videos! My teaching style is nurturing and affirming, I think you will LOVE Video Magic!

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