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SuperCharge Your Client Attraction on TikTok

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A live workshop to help you attract dream clients on TikTok
July 22nd at 10:30 am PST
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If you have a message & business that helps people and you're NOT leveraging TikTok to attract clients, you are sleeping on big opportunities for more impact + income.

But, you already know that. #AmIRight?

Let's create a clear roadmap to attracting soul fans & dream clients on TikTok, like now! There is no reason for you not to be consistently attracting clients from your TikTok videos.

You are ready to create videos that attract clients

You desire to make a big impact with your message

Your business is ready for more dream clients

Truthbomb: Your dream clients are waiting to hear from you. You just need to get in front of them with power & intention!

You need to:

Create a clear TikTok content plan that converts

Up-level your energy & video presence

Learn the keys to going viral in your niche

Clarify your scroll stopping video hooks

Finally know exactly how to use tiktok to attract paying dream clients!

Wondering what's


This is the path to seamlessly attracting dream clients on TikTok.

Comprehensive in-depth 90 minute live workshop

Learn the 5 part client attraction method that focuses equal parts on energy & strategy

Two week pop-up FB group to help stay accountable & up your engagement

Create 3 months of content with a tried-and-true client attraction content plan

In this 90 minute Client Attraction Workshop you are going to have the guidance and support to show up magnetically on TikTok with a client attraction content plan! 

It's time to have a clear TikTok plan that sells directly into your core offer, so you can stop waisting time putting content out that doesn't convert.

Learn how to shift from just sharing to selling, so your soulfans know to choose you to help them.

Walk away from this workshop with a clear understanding of how to market through your content on TikTok, show up powerfully on video sharing a compelling core message & attracting dream clients into your business with ease!

Here's what to expect...

Create a clear 3 month content plan that attracts paying clients!

Let's do it!