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Launch & Monetize Your Brand on TikToK

A powerful TikTok training bundle to help you reach more people with your message & make more money!

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There is nothing more frustrating than knowing you have a powerful message to share, and feeling like you are stuck on the sidelines. Trust me, I get it! I sat on the sidelines on TikTok waiting, wondering and watching, until I finally decided to launch my brand! And, it has been pure magic! But, not by accident. There is a strategy to calling people into you brand and guiding them to take action. I'm going to show you exactly how to do it in this bundle!

You have A business that is ready to boom

You are ready to have more opportunities to share your message

you're tired of waiting to "become" well known. You are ready now to reach more people and grow your audience

Truthbomb: It can be easy to attract an audience of people who want to work with you on TikTok! 

You need to:

Brand your TikTok so your ideal clients recognize you

Create stand out messaging so you are never forgotten

Create content that leads back to your business

Have a clear pathway for folks to buy from you

No more sitting on the sidelines wondering why tiktok is working for everyone else. It's your time!

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This is the path to seamlessly launching & monetizing your brand on TikTok.

Short video trainings that teach you a tried-and-true 4 phase TikTok launch method

An in-depth workbook walking you through your messaging & the framework

2 Game-changing Bonus trainings:

1. Monetize Your Brand - Learn how to create a clear pathway to your paid services directly from the TikTok App

2. Attract Clients on TikTok - Learn the exact short-form video formula I use to go viral & attract clients into my 5 figure program

Before starting my online business 5 years ago I was petrified of taking up too much space or looking like I was "being salesy." I was convinced that if I just played small and stayed on the sidelines, that I would be safe there. It was in my own journey to being visible that I healed my limiting stories and owned the power of showing up fully, as me!

Since then I have grown a 6 figure coaching business in multiple niches, and what I found is that there truly is a rhyme and reason to consistently attracting a soul-aligned and engaged audience, and it's all about having a powerful online presence, as you know.

I am here to guide you into the most powerful version of yourself, so you can "own it" on social media and on stage... attracting soul fans and making a massive impact and income!

Hey! I'm Jaya!

Set your brand and visibility up for massive success with this powerful training!

Let's get your brand launched on TikTok