The potent 6-step framework for getting what you want without getting in your own way! 

Let’s be real for a sec love: 

If you gave as much power to receiving your desires as you did to resisting them, there’s nothing in this world you couldn’t have.

You know in your (big) heart you are meant for so much more. More abundance. More impact using your sacred gifts. More of your big vision being manifested. More living your soul purpose out loud.

 You can hear your desires calling your name, and you are really ready to answer the call.🙏🏽 

Let's give you the credit you deserve. You have already come soooooo far! You know how to manifest stuff and have been growing and expanding like crazy...

But the same-ol' manifesting practices you have been using don't seem to work as easily when you are asking for "new" and bigger things. And then comes the resistance.

The underlying "eeek, how is this all going to happen" 

The old "I'm not good enough" belief bubbles up.

And then there's the self-sabotage. 

Too much time on Netflix binging.  (been there)

Sweets, carbs and endless scrolling...
 oh my!

Trust me, I get it - but all of these things are designed to keep you safe, small and invisible.

And we just can't have that... cause you've got big stuff to do. 

Supercharge Receiving Your Desires is the only program that helps you get clear on what you want, release your resistance, and actually expand your capacity to receive all the things you deeply desire, as a highly sensitive empath. 

This isn’t just manifestation. 
It’s powerful co-creation. 

↡↡↡ Start with this video, love ↡↡↡

April hansen

Master Healer & Ayurvedic Coach 

She is a bad-ass, Goddess that is in spiritual alignment and clear about her purpose here on Earth. Luckily for us, she is sharing all of her innate gifts with the world as an HSP, leader and coach. Jaya's coaching programs provide the perfect mix of illumination and support. I highly recommend taking any of her coaching programs on-line or in person. Your life will change!

Jaya Rose is the Lady Gaga of Coaching!

Heck yes! I'm ready to receive my desires!


for only $397

You get access to all the modules + the embodiment bundle right away!

⚙︎ Doing what you know you are meant for and playing a bigger game in the world by stepping into a frequency of more expansion, and less contraction.

⚙︎ Getting crystal clear on what you want and why you want it, so you can call it forward with your own fiery mix of passion and power 

⚙︎ Developing an unwavering trust in your own intuition, voice and desires. Because you create a big impact in the world around you when you’ve mastered the world within. 

⚙︎ Releasing your resistance and rewiring your patterns in both your thoughts and your behavior. So long, self doubt! Buh-bye, self sabotage!

⚙︎ Letting go of the need to hide, hustle or push in the name of progress. True power comes from flow, not force. 

⚙︎ Leaping forward into inspired action, so you can start living your real purpose out loud (By the way — your real purpose isn’t to suffer, settle or play small. I promise)

Supercharge Receiving Your Desires is your catalyst for: 

Easy Audios

On the go? No worries! All the video content can be found on audio as well.

Engaging Videos

Feel excited as you cruise through these short, concise & transformational videos! 

Guided Comprehensive Workbooks

Stay laser focused as you flow through the content with clear + comprehensive workbooks

Plus, you get this amazing
Embodiment Bundle!


JOurnal prompts

pep-talk Audios


alice wilcox

Life Coach

I just finished and I’m already having a major mindset shift out of procrastination and fear,  into taking action on a course I have been wanting to create. I have way more clarity, embodiment and enthusiasm! 
 Jaya's ability to deliver information in a concise and fun manner never allows you to get bored! Her down to earth personality makes you feel like you have known her for years , she’s the real deal ... she walks her talk!

I’m filled with a new found enthusiasm, clarity and focus
after diving into this course!

Heck yes! I'm ready to receive my desires!


for only $397

You get access to all the modules + the embodiment bundle right away!

The Supercharge Receiving Your Desires framework is 6 powerful steps for getting what you want over and over again: 

Program Content


Deep Why

Module #1

Module #2

If you don’t know what you want, you’ll create everything but. So many people won’t even allow themselves to have desires in the first place, much less understand how they can leverage the laws of the universe to bring them into existence. In this module, you’ll laser in on what lights you up and brings you joy, so you can go from accepting your life to advancing your life. 

It takes more than a surface-level desire to get groundbreaking results. This module is the cure for inconsistency, self-sabotage and giving up halfway to your goal. Because when you discover how to tap into the deepest, purest well of your desires, you’ll connect to an infinite supply of motivation and a power source that extends so far beyond you.   

Module #4

Trust &
Spiritual Plank

How can you stay in your vision and trust that what you want is coming to you? What steps can you take to stay the course? How do you nip the anxious thoughts and doubt in the bud? Module four teaches you that your faith can be bigger than your fear. 


Module #3

The idea that we shouldn’t have big, bold dreams is outdated. The story that tells us wanting more is selfish is overrated. And the thought that we don’t deserve our desires needs to be checked at the door. It’s time for you to let go of what you’ve been taught to believe and decide for yourself. This training will show you how. 

Clarify & Evidence

Module #5

Yes, there will be proof that your desire is manifesting. Yes, sometimes it will be crazy weird. No, that doesn’t mean anything is wrong. This module is your supersleuth toolkit for tracking down the evidence that you’re on the right path — no matter what’s unfolding before your eyes. 


Module #6

If you’re not saying “Yes, yes, yes!” when your desires arrive, then you’re actually telling the universe “No, no, no.” In this final module, you’ll start anchoring what you want in physical form by celebrating every. single. win that’s coming your way — even if it hasn’t shown up yet!

Embodiment Bundle

In this juicy bonus bundle:

🧘🏻‍♀️ Transformational Meditation

📝 Powerful Journal Prompts

2 Game Changing Trainings:

"Transcending Resistance"

"Top 3 Activating Emotions"

Supercharge Receiving Your Desires combines equal parts strategic action with soul-level expansion.

 The result?

Quantum-level shifts you can count on — and repeat for as long as you’re alive and kicking. 


Palms out, hands up! 🙌🏽 When you enroll in Supercharge Receiving Your Desires, you will get: 

6 In-Depth Training Modules designed to stretch your energetic limits, clear your resistance and turn you into a lightning rod for your desires

Audios and videos so you can move through the material however and wherever you love to learn, whether that’s tuning in in the car, sweating it out in the gym, or soaking it up in an Epsom salt bath

Workbooks with practical exercises
to show you how to go from “I’m taking a course” to “I’m changing my whole life”

Bonus: The Complete Embodiment Bundle. If you want to experience a new way of being, you’ve got to upgrade your operating system to receive it. This is how you do it.

Forever access
to all the course materials, so you can come back to the program every time you’re ready for an up-level

Jennifer Rohner

Social Media Manager & Journaling Expert

Jaya shows you how to sidestep common resistance and blocks, take back your power, and finally relax in to this magical process she gives you. It’s a helpful program whether you’re a newbie or experienced in the manifestation game!

My favorite part of the Supercharge Course were the audios and the
journal prompts, they are amazing and so easy to use!

One final truthbomb from my heart to yours...

This is your last loving nudge to extend past your comfort zone. To dare to dream that you can lead a bigger life. To trust that you are just as worthy of your desires as anyone else. And to commit to this new version of you in this moment. 

It doesn’t happen by sitting on the sidelines, love. It happens by jumping in with both feet, eyes wild, desires a’blazing and all the fucks left on the bench. 

Supercharge Receiving Your Desires is the repeatable blueprint for showing up fully and using this one incredible life you’ve been given the way that you were meant to. 

It’s the vehicle for opening you up to everything your soul came here to do, so you can stop denying your gifts and start bringing your vision to life — with a little help from the Universe, of course. 

So if you’re ready to break free from your past and call in a future that’s overflowing with the things you actually want, then you’re ready for Supercharge Receiving Your Desires. 

Big Love, Jaya Rose

Let's do the damn thing!

Heck yes! I'm ready to receive my desires!


for only $397

You get access to all the modules + the embodiment bundle right away!