Highly Sensitive Success Method

Finally learn a success method that includes your sensitivities instead of shames you for them. Your sensitivities are a gift, I'll show you how to turn them into a profitable superpower! 

A comprehensive, transformational, guided lifestyle program for HS people who are ready to go all in on their purpose, step into Embodied Leadership and create holistic success on their own terms!

Highly Sensitive Succes

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In the Highly Sensitive Success Method you get access to 12 comprehensive and transformational modules. Starting with the root chakra, working all the way up to the crown, you will go on a journey of self discovery that ignites a new level of confidence, purpose and power! You will feel excited every step of the way with easy to watch videos, downloadable workbooks and impactful exercises. This program teaches you the foundation for success as a highly sensitive person.

What's included?

You get access to in-Depth Training Modules designed to stretch your energetic limits, clear your resistance and turn you into a lighthouse for your desires. There are audios and videos so you can move through the material however and wherever you love to learn. Each module focuses on energetics, spirituality, lifestyle practices and habits to help you feel powerful, aligned and ready for your next level, again and again as you evolve!

How It Works

This program is right for you if you are ready to let go of the need to hide, hustle or push in the name of progress. True power comes from flow, not force. And, you are ready to leap forward into inspired action, so you can start living your real purpose out loud (By the way — your real purpose isn’t to suffer, settle or play small. I promise) You now have access to the exact steps and tools I use to create massive success in my life and business as a HSP.

Who's It For

I am 100% confident that this program you are buying is not only worth the money, but that it will pay you back infinite times over, if you do the work. This program is comprehensive and will guide you to your desired outcome. That is why I don't offer refunds. My hope is that you commit to the transformation that is available to you in this program Go all in on yourself, love! 

Are There Returns

Become Unstoppable in Your Success?

It's time to own your sensitivity and step into the most powerful and magnetic version of yourself, so you can live to your fullest and most abundant potential!

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love notes

from my clients

If you want to up-level your life, get into alignment with yourself and leave the self-sabotaging behind, you need to learn Jaya's Highly Sensitive Success Method.
-Jen Kohler

I have clarity and feel powerful yet fully in my feminine power! Jaya's teaching was epic! Do this for yourself and for the future generations you/we are impacting.
-Mireille Nashimoto

I got clear on my truth and even started a life coaching business! I gained lots of value in HS Success and am still reaping the benefits months later. I am so excited about taking what I learned and making a BIG impact in the world.
- Lisa Baca