Portland Oregon | October 11 + 12

business growth immersion



Welcome to She Rise LIVE, where you come to RISE in your Leadership, grow your business & create deep meaningful friendships!

This event is like no other.

You will experience REAL-time transformation and have the space to integrate and connect with other like minded women.

No fluff. No overwhelm. No need to recover for a week.

Designed specifically for highly sensitive soulful women who are here to lead in this new paradigm of possibility.

If you're ready to be seen, heard and celebrated + step into new paradigm leadership and expand your capacity for soulful success... this event was created for you!

JOIN US at She Rise LIVE and experience...

deep dive

networking &connection


Personal, Spiritual
+ business expansion

As the host of this event I am grounded in my purpose to bring forth a sacred container for growth and expansion. In my workshops I will bring you tangible + practical steps to help you hone your magic and grow your business. I believe that highly sensitive soulful women are here to be catalysts in this new paradigm of possibility and that with a thriving business and life we can do that even more powerfully.  I'm going to show you how at She Rise LIVE! 

"Embodying Your Big vision & Impactful story telling"

JAYA ROSE | Lifestyle Coach & Business Mentor

Deep Dive Workshops

With a sought-after spiritual perspective, Megan shows up powerfully for groups of integrity-driven women!  She brings innate wisdoms and unparalleled experience as a former Therapist and current Leadership Coach. At She Rise LIVE she is bringing us a beautiful workshop tailored around the intersection of mindset, money, and business strategy that will help us dive into our grounded leadership and prosperity, so we can make the income to support our biggest impact in the world.


MEGAN HALE | Business Mentor & Leadership Coach 

Authenticity is a word that has become more of a strategy in the online space than an actual way of being. And while so many “work on” authenticity, Jaya Rose simply embodies it.

while so many “work on” authenticity, Jaya Rose simply embodies it.

Jason Goldberg | Founder of Infinite Receiving

More love

More love

Jaya walks her talk and leads by example, being authentically and unapologetically herself and empowering others to do the same!

Jaya walks her talk and leads by example

Dajon Farrell | Founder of Infinite Receiving

More love

More love

INDRANI PHILLIPS - Human design business coach 

"HUman design for business growth"

Indrani is a Human Design & Mindset Strategist. She has taken her years of experience as an entrepreneur and her deep belief that success can be not only fun but effortless and created the Effortless Life Movement, teaching women all of the world how to align with their design and step into their unapologetic truth. At She Rise Live Indrani will be walking us through a power process based in human design, giving us the tools and understanding to rise to our next levels of success with power and ease. Hold on sisters! This is going blow your mind! (in the best possible way)

Workshop Recap

Expanding Your Energetic Capacity for Success
Big Vision Clarity & Embodiment
Human design for Business Growth
Impactful Storytelling
Anchoring In More Money
Visibility & Business Growth Game-Plan

Event Information

She Rise LIVE will be held at Opal 28 - a beautiful event space in the heart of NE Portland Oregon. There are a few apartments above the venue available for rent and once those are full, there are many airbnb's close by.  Once you purchase your ticket you will receive an email with all the information you need to book your trip. We will be providing healthy + yummy snacks and tea throughout our days together. You will feel nourished and nurtured as we cultivate a beautiful expansive experience together.

Join us for this intimate She Rise LIVE experience, in beautiful Portland Oregon!

October 11 + 12, 2020!

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