Jaya Rose

Embody unshakable confidence in your gifts & create a scalable business that nourishes you and gives you the freedom lifestyle your Soul craves, in 

She Rise School!

Not someone else's gifts, yours!  You don't need to follow a business model that does not work for you just because Becky the business Coach makes millions booking out her schedule with 1:1 + launching a program every other week. Yes, it may be working great for her but, let me ask you... do you really want to have all your time tied up with 1:1 clients and all your energy consumed with launching program after program?  If you're anything like me, you're super good at what you do and know with a big hell yeasss that you're here to make a massive impact with your gifts. That's not the issue.

Imagine having a roadmap to creating an abundant business that actually gives you freedom & thrives on your unique gifts.

There is a roadmap to creating a Conscious Business that thrives on your unique magic and intuition and that fully supports you, your life and charitable efforts. And it's all available to you now, sister.

The issue is that your current business model is not helping you create freedom.

 Instead it's creating overwhelm, frustration and fear that even though you love what you do, you may never feel the time freedom or abundance you desire and need to thrive as a highly sensitive woman. You're thinking that if you just get ONE more client or sell another spot in a program then you will feel free and abundant. But, it doesn't work that way. If you're only serving people 1:1 or launching program after program it's really hard to make enough money and it's impossible to experience real time freedom!

Here's the truth: You need to go all in on your gifts, think bigger and create one signature offer that is both expandable and repeatable, so you can get off the hustle train of creating, launching and wondering if it's all going to work. 

it's time to act as though your spiritual gifts are your greatest assest. Because they are.

read on to learn more...

Let's start a revolution!

Introducing She Rise School and the Conscious Business Model for Ambitious Highly Women!  We are here to revolutionize how woman do business!  She Rise School is the answer to the highly sensitive business owners prayers, because it's built on spiritual practices that are essential for growth and grows with intuitive business strategies that works. It is specifically designed to help you go from having an intuitive idea + a desire to help people - to a thriving online 6 figure+ business. 

No fluff. No overwhelm. And no burnout, ever.

I created the She Rise Business School to help you have the structure, guidance and support you need to stop working toward having your impact-driven-freedom-lifestyle and instead start living it now!   


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Join us for the 2020 round of She Rise School!

Dr. Jen Riday

Host of The Vibrant Happy Women Podcast

Jaya's Coaching is like a combination of Yoda and Oprah!

In just one session with Jaya I gained clarity I didn't even know I was missing.  She has a way of seeing your truth and pulling it out with such grace and power.  Her combination of a spiritual and practical approach to life and business is both refreshing and cutting edge.  Highly sensitive women, if you have the opportunity to work with Jaya Rose, DO IT!


She Rise School

school quarters









Get out of your own way once and for all and own your power & purpose on a whole new level in the Embodiment phase of She Rise School.

In quarter one you will Master:

Bring your light and story to the masses and set your business up for success through Soul-Aligned Personal Branding & Visibility!

In quarter two you will Master:

Go all-in on your magic and create your Sacred Signature Offer, which enables you to serve at your highest level + scale to six figures and beyond with grace and ease.

In phase three you will Master:

Learn the most up to date & soulful launch strategies.
 Abundance, ease, alignment and magnetic attraction will become your new normal.

In phase four you will Master:

Sacred Self Care
Sensitive Superpowers
Innate Magic 
Deep Purpose

Business Pillars
Content Creation
Strategic Visibility 

Niching Your Magic
Building Your Offer
Positioning Your Offer
Pricing Structure

Powerful Promoting
Magnetic Energy
Soulful Selling
Energetic Expansion

Weekly Coaching

Stay focused and clear while being supported at the highest level

She Rise School is a 9 Month Container of Transformational Content, Activating Coaching and a Powerful Sisterhood

Weekly Reiki Meditation

Move through resistance, ground into your truth and feel divinely supported as you rise

Online Learning

Feel excited every week as you dive into transformational + easily digestible content

Guided Accountability

Stay laser focused as you flow through the content with clear + comprehensive playbooks

Online Sisterhood

Feel deeply supported and united in the private Facebook Group with like mind soul-sisters who are rising with you

Jen Kohler

Master Reike Healer & Intuitve Coach

Working with Jaya is a MUST for all Spiritual Entrepreneurs!

 If you want to up-level your life, get into alignment with yourself and leave the self-sabotaging behind, you need Jaya. She has the most amazing intuitive gift to know exactly where you are in any given moment and she meets you right there. She is all about inspired action, self-care, and small actionable steps that will change your life and your business. 


Master Healer & Ayurvedic Coach 

April Hansen

She is a bad-ass, Goddess that is in spiritual alignment and clear about her purpose here on Earth. Luckily for us, she is sharing all of her innate gifts with the world as an HSP, leader and coach. Jaya's coaching programs provide the perfect mix of illumination and support. I highly recommend taking any of her coaching programs on-line or in person. Your life will change!

Jaya Rose is the Lady Gaga of Coaching!


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Join us for the 2020 round of She Rise School!

↠ Committed to showing up and doing the work

↠ Ready to go all in on yourself

↠ Coachable & open minded

↠ Fully responsible for your own wellbeing

↠ Mission driven and motivated by impact

↠ A team player and genuinely interested in other’s success

↠ Willing to get out of your own way and take action

She Rise School
is for you if you are...

Let’s give back together!

5% from each enrollment in She Rise School is donated to The doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation. I chose this organization to partner with because I 100% trust and believe in the mission to help impoverished countries become more self reliant and the support given to help free girls from sex trafficking. 

The Healing Hands Foundation is currently supporting projects in over 55 countries.  

doTERRA® International generously donates to cover all administrative costs of the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation, ensuring 100 % of all donations go directly to aid.  

A: Each module will have videos that are broken down into 5-10 minute segments totaling less than 1 hour. Your playbooks are meant to be in conjunction with the videos. Your LIVE coaching calls will be 75 minutes. I would put aside 2-3 hours per week for the 9 months of the program.

Q: How much time do I need to put aside each week to work on She Rise School?

frequently asked questions

A: There will be 3 time options available, you will be able to pick and choose each week the time that works best for you.


A: No worries! You will have lifetime access to the modules and playbooks!

Q: What if I don’t finish all the modules each quater?

A: That's ok! She Rise School will help you build your business, teaching you how to create your signature offer while nurturing yourself and an engaged audience, so you can shortcut the years and years of investing in programs and throwing spaghetti at the walls.

Q: What If I am New to business?

A: Honey, I feel you! I understand how the online coaching space is, and I can tell you hands down, this program is not like any experience you have had before. I am 100% committed to supporting you, holding space for your growth and delivering only the best content to you.

Q: I’ve taken courses before that did not deliver and basically sucked, how is this different?

She Rise School breakdown

The world needs YOU and your specific gifts now more than ever.   And the most effective way to  make a big impact and serve more people is NOT to get another certification or to take on more 1:1 clients.  It's time to package your magic and scale your business through a soul-aligned signature offer that houses all of your magic.  Your greatest, most profitable work, yet.

Let's do it together in She Rise School!

TOTAL VALUE = $21,300

Conscious Lifestyle & Business Curriculum ($3,000 value) - gain all the tools, skills and practices to create a multiple 6 figure business with your Soul Purpose.

Weekly High Level Life & Business Coaching ($12,000) - feel divinely supported and keep your growth and momentum going for the whole 9 months of She Rise School!

Weekly Reiki & Meditation Circles ($4,500) - stay in alignment with your highest self and deepen your spiritual connection as you grow your business.

Masterful Monthly Guest Workshops ($1,800) - receive the highest level guidance in energetic mastery, messaging, money mindset, and marketing so you can scale your business with intention and ease.

Accountability Business Buddies (invaluable) - feel supported and held accountable to your business desires and transformation with a beautiful business bestie!

24/7 Group Support & Community (invaluable) - grow your network and create life long sisterhood with like-minded ambitious highly sensitive women.

9 Transformational Months of:

Pay In Full

Payment Plan


Includes a 2 day She Rise Live Retreat!

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Apply Now

$2,500 down

Includes a 2 day She Rise Live Retreat!

Investment in She Rise School

(+ 10 months of $777)

It’s your time to commit to your soul's purpose and make the big impact you know you were always meant to! Join me in She Rise School for a soul expanding journey where you will honor your whole self, embody your magic and claim your most fulfilling & abundant life!!

- Big Love, Jaya Rose