Intuitive Launch Method

Learn my intuitive launching method that teaches you how to create 20k - 100k with a launch process that feels fun and exciting. No burnout or overwhelm! 

No more cookie cutter launch strategies. You know those don't work for you, anyway. Learn my intuitive launch method and set yourself free to launch your sacred work with both ease and structure!

Intuitive Launch Method

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In the Intuitive Launch Method, you will get clear guidance on exactly how to set up your launch + what activities to do, - including how to do a successful 5 day challenge and a high-impact workshops (that sell) + how to follow up with people, so your program fills! The easy to follow videos and workbooks will help you take action and create a 20k - 100k launch!

What's included?

As soon as you enroll in the Intuitive Launch Method you will gain access to the entire program along with videos, workbooks and a launch map guidebook, so you have a solid yet ease filled plan to attract soulmate clients into your programs!

How It Works

This is for you is you are coach or healer who has group or 1:1 program that you want to enroll 5-20 people in to using high-impact launch strategies that call in your ideal clients and have them messaging YOU, wanting to sign up. This for you if you are ready for an intuitive launch plan that considers your energy over burnout. And makes you big money!

Who's It For

I am 100% confident that the program you are buying is not only worth the money, but that it will pay you back infinite times over, if you do the work, that is. This program is comprehensive and will guide you to your desired outcome. That is why I don't offer refunds. My hope is that you commit to the transformation that is available to you in this program and go all in on yourself!

Are There Returns

Sellout your group or 1:1 programs?

It can be easy to launch. You just need a plan! And, that is exactly what you are going to get in this course. No more wondering!

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love notes

from my clients

Jaya's launch method is the the best I have ever learned because it actually considers my energy! I did not get stressed or burnt out and I attracted lot's of people into my launch activities. the launch workbook alone is worth the investment.
-Jules Ann Straus

I have always avoided launches because I am highly sensitive and always to do things my way. That is exactly what this program taught me how to do! I will be using this framework every time I launch my group coaching program.
-Sunja Prajeet