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Grow Your Business with Impactful Stories That Connect, Inspire

& sell!

Plus, you will have a clear roadmap to selling your products and services with power and ease. Yes, please!

It's time to own your stories as the powerful medicine they are and finally understand how to talk about your message in a potent way that attracts an audience of soul-mate clients - all because you are sharing the most authentic & realest parts of YOU!

Having the ability to tell Impactful Stories will open up your world in the most beautiful ways!

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Real talk.

Most of the online marketing "tactics" have-not-worked for me. Like, at all.

And lord knows I've tried everything. The fancy FB ads, all the color coded emails, I have even hired top-notch sales coaches that taught me ALL the tricks.

But, ugh.

I'm just not into it.

I'm also not into creating and posting "value-driven" content 24/7.

Or cold messaging people I don't know or posting when I don't feel like it, for that matter.

So how on earth have I pivoted my niche four times in the last three years AND still created over $325,000 in my coaching business?

It's simple.


Investing in learning how to tell impactful stories has been the single most valuable thing I have done for my business.

It's enabled me to pivot seamlessly and truly connect with my audience - creating know, love and trust and easy peasy sales conversations.

If you are anything like me and just want to DO your divine work in the world and not worry about the next best sales strategies and marketing all-the-time...

You need Impactful Storytelling!

Storytelling has this funny way of connecting you to both other people and yourself at the same time. It’s the most healing marketing strategy around. 

I have a vision of women all over the world owning their sacred gifts, raising their voices and growing successful and sustainable businesses that creates a big impact. The Impactful Storytelling Program is my contribution to that blossoming reality.

Ready to rock the mic?

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Join us for Impactful Storytelling!

Dr. Jen Riday

Host of The Vibrant Happy Women Podcast

Jaya's Coaching is like a combination of Yoda and Oprah!

In just one session with Jaya I gained clarity I didn't even know I was missing.  She has a way of seeing your truth and pulling it out with such grace and power.  Her combination of a spiritual and practical approach to life and business is both refreshing and cutting edge.  Highly sensitive women, if you have the opportunity to work with Jaya Rose, DO IT!


8 week program


Storytelling framework

Soulful brand Story

brand story

Money-making Messaging

Impactful Storytelling

Learn how to validate your core message through storytelling. Never again wonder how to talk about what you do and always know what stories to pick for your audience.

In week one you will Master:

The 6 phase Impactful Storytelling Framework will teach you how to put any length story into a well thought out, aligned and potent story. 

In week two you will Master:

Create your expandable and contractable brand story, so you can easily connect with and grow your audience.

In week three you will Master:


Learn how to tell your story on any platform, including video, posts and on stage.

In week four you will Master:

Messaging that connects
Embodying your Golden Thread




Impactful Storytelling
Creating stories with a repeatable framework

Learn how to tell your story on any platform, including  video, posts and on stage.

In week four you will Master:


Mindset & vulnerability 


Soulful Story-Selling

Uncover and release the stories that are keeping you from showing up vulnerably in your business. So you can create the Impact you were born to create. 

In week five you will Master:

Effortlessly weave your offers into a call to action that makes your audience swoon.

In week six you will Master:

Releasing resistance
SHowing up powerfully in your visibility

Creating powerful calls to action
Selling with story

story Platforms

The confidence & Know how to share your story on all platforms


Weekly Coaching

Stay focused and clear while being supported at the highest level

Impactful Storytelling is a 8 Week Container of Powerful Content, Activating Coaching and a Supportive Community!

Online Learning

Feel excited every week as you dive into transformational + easily digestible content

Guided Accountability

Stay laser focused as you flow through the content with clear + comprehensive playbooks

Online Community

Feel deeply supported and united in the private Facebook Group with like mind people who are growing with you

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Join us for Impactful Storytelling!
Next round starts May 11th 2020!

Jen Kohler

Master Reike Healer & Intuitve Coach

Working with Jaya is a MUST for all Spiritual Entrepreneurs!

 If you want to up-level your life, get into alignment with yourself and leave the self-sabotaging behind, you need Jaya. She has the most amazing intuitive gift to know exactly where you are in any given moment and she meets you right there. She is all about inspired action, self-care, and small actionable steps that will change your life and your business. 


Master Healer & Ayurvedic Coach 

April Hansen

She is a bad-ass, Goddess that is in spiritual alignment and clear about her purpose here on Earth. Luckily for us, she is sharing all of her innate gifts with the world as an HSP, leader and coach. Jaya's coaching programs provide the perfect mix of illumination and support. I highly recommend taking any of her coaching programs on-line or in person. Your life will change!

Jaya Rose is the Lady Gaga of Coaching!


Let’s give back together!

5% from each enrollment in Impactful Storytelling is donated to The doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation. I chose this organization to partner with because I 100% trust and believe in the mission to help impoverished countries become more self reliant and the support given to help free girls from sex trafficking. 

The Healing Hands Foundation is currently supporting projects in over 55 countries.  

doTERRA® International generously donates to cover all administrative costs of the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation, ensuring 100 % of all donations go directly to aid.  

Master the art of impactful storytelling and open up your world to limitless potential!

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Includes a 2 day She Rise Live Event!

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Join Now!


Includes a 2 day She Rise Live Event!

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It’s your time to commit to your soul's purpose and make the big impact you know you were always meant to! Join me in Impactful Storytelling for a soul expanding journey where you will own the value of your stories & share your message with the world!

- Big Love, Jaya Rose