Sometimes creating a wildly successful life and business as a highly sensitive woman does-not-feel-easy…

Quite the opposite. #AmIRight

Being highly sensitive, empathic or intuitive can be challenging. Especially when you are driven and have big dreams, a family and lots of responsibilities.

There are so many moving parts and it can be straight up overwhelming AF and even anxiety inducing, especially when you are trying to “keep up” and follow someone else's 5 step blah blah blah.

It's time to focus on your energy and what you really need to thrive, grow a business, be your best self AND feel lit up and in flow on a daily basis.

A 12 - week Guided lifestyle program for highly sensitive women
who are ready to be wildly successful on their own terms

I've got good news sister!

You can have it all even if you’re highly sensitive, empathic and intuitive! In fact, you have magic in you that only you have and it makes having the...

Booming business, deep fulfilling relationships and a thriving healthy lifestyle, even more possible and important for YOU!

And it can feel easy and be in total alignment with your highest purpose...

You don’t have to do it someone else's way or hustle for success.

You can have a huge mission and help people while prioritizing your energy and taking care of your highly sensitive needs.

It’s time to master your energy, so you can have it all!

You see, it’s your birthright to have it all! You can have a thriving business, a healthy body and relationships that feel juicy and aligned.

You can be highly sensitive, empathic or intuitive AND fulfill your soul's calling without getting burnt out or running out of steam. 

You can have the success you know you're meant for, (the wild & free kind) and it can be done on your own terms while being a nurturing mother, wife and friend.

I'll show you how...

I held myself back for years from my big dreams and real desires in fear that I would be “too much” for people or that I would burn out from doing it “like them”.

After being inspired by Marie Forleo's online videos I finally said "no more playing small, I'm claiming my dreams!" I hired a business coach, got through my limiting beliefs around success and started playing a bigger game. In less than one year I grew a thriving 6 figure online business . Yippee! Right?


You see, I was ignoring my sensitivities and trying to do it like other people said to, and ended up gaining 30 pounds, feeling anxious (a lot) and burning out. I knew deep down there was a better way, and that I was going to figure out what it was. There was no way I was going down like that! 

I started working with my chakras, deeply nurturing my sensitivities, taking only aligned intuitive action, and focusing on my joy daily. And just one year later the EMBODY Method was born. 

I created EMBODY as a way to be wildly successful without sacrificing my needs, and then decided that I have a responsibility to share this amazing process with as many people as possible and also that it’s my life’s work to do so.

hey sister!

And I'm highly sensitive and driven, just like you! 

I am Jaya Rose

A 12 Week Guided Lifestyle Program for Women Who Are Ready to be Wildly Successful on Their Own Terms

You are ready to step all the way up and into your soul's purpose, you are done playing small and you know deep down that THIS is your time to rise and create the wildly successful life you have always been meant for.

The EMBODY Program is a mix of spiritual, physical, mindset, and energy principles and practices that flow together seamlessly in a life changing and repeatable framework, specifically designed for highly sensitive and intuitive women...

The Embody Program comes with a meaningful 4 figure investment or a flexible payment plan.
Click this button if you’re ready to show up fully and create wild + soulful success on your terms. 


Here's how Embody works

Weekly Activating 1:1 Coaching

12 Weeks of Intimate + Profound Content, Aligned Sisterhood and Activating 1:1 Coaching

Stay focused and clear while being supported and guided at the highest level

WeeklyTransformational Content

Feel excited every week as you dive into transformational + easily digestible content

Guided Comprehensive Playbooks

Stay laser focused as you flow through the content with clear + comprehensive playbooks

Aligned Online Sisterhood

Feel deeply supported and united in the private Facebook Group with like mind soul-sisters who are rising with you



Yoga Flow Videos 

Essential Oil Rituals

Guided Meditations

Create an expansive energetic container for your         & 


Soulful Success

The Embody Method

Program Content

Sacred Self Care

Intuition Activation

Module #1

Module #2

Learn how to harness your power through sacred self care and mojo building movement. Build your energetic capacity while honoring your body.

Get out of your own way once and for all by tapping into your intuition on a daily basis. Deepen your trust and ability to flow through life with more ease and grace.

Module #3

Innate Magic 

Deepen your relationship with yourself and the world around you as you discover, nurture and learn how to harness the power of your sacred Innate Magic!

Highest Self

Module #4

Learn how to identify and consistently embody your highest self and start magnetizing abundant opportunities to you without stressing or worrying. Your Highest Self holds the key to Wild + Soulful Success!

Needs & Desires

Module #5

Your needs and desires are the gateway to your intuition and true soul's calling. In the Embody program you will learn how to identify and honor your core needs and turn them into a safe container for your dreams to flourish.

Big Vision

Module #6

Once you have dug deep and embodied your highest self and all of her glory it’s time to anchor your big vision. You will learn simple visualization tools to align your energy and easily magnetize your dreams. 

Extreme Devotion

Module #7

Learn how to trade boundaries for devotion and start to consistently feel lit up, connected to spirit and in flow with your dreams and desires. You and your devotion are the keys to your next level embodiment of wild & soulful success

4 Comprehensive Trainings

bonus business bundle

⋆ Magnetic Messaging

⋆ Powerful Storytelling

⋆ Savvy "Social" Strategy

⋆ High Vibe Visibility

(value $997)


The Embody Program comes with a meaningful 4 figure investment or a flexible payment plan. 
Click this button if you’re ready to show up fully and create wild + soulful success on your terms. 

Let's rise together!

Jen Kohler


 If you want to up-level your life, get into alignment with yourself and leave the self-sabotaging behind, you need Jaya. She has the most amazing intuitive gift to know exactly where you are in any given moment and she meets you right there. She is all about inspired action, self-care, and small actionable steps that will change your life and your business. 

Working with Jaya in Embody is a MUST!

After a call with Jaya I feel so empowered, my clarity returns, alignment is happening: it's the inner and self work exercises, the guided meditations, and continual unwavering support that is absolutely phenomenal. Jaya holds space for me and works WITH me and my dreams, desires and goals. She has helped me create a better version of myself, where I am standing in my truth and power. It is nothing short of incredible! I highly recommend working with her in Embody!

Jennifer Spain 


Jaya has helped me step into my best self!

If you need to get unstuck or need help navigating the entrepreneur world for wellness and more sustainable success, you must hire Jaya. 

Holistic Life & Wellness Coach

Hunter Lowder

She will tell it like it is and love you all the way through the journey!

Jaya is the truth seeker! She knows exactly when something isn't working for you, energetically, she can sense when you're meant for more at that very moment and it's a beautiful gift to have. She's a gift and such a beautiful soul! If you're thinking of working with her in Embody, get on it!! 

Intutive Biz Strategist 

Jacki Perez

Working with Jaya will be one of the best decisions you make for yourself! 

You have big dreams - but you can't get where you want to go, doing what you did to get where you are. You need to realign your process, dive deep into yourself and create an unshakeable foundation for wild + soulful success!

In our 12 weeks together you will become more:

Lit up

All while feeling supported, nurtured and guided every step of the way.
  Plus with the Bonus Business Bundle you will be speaking your story and signature message both clearly and powerfully! Basically, you'll be on fire! 

The Embody Program is for you if you are...

↠ Ready for the next level

↠ Committed to showing up and doing the work

↠ Ready to go all in on yourself

↠ Coachable & open minded

↠ Fully responsible for your own wellbeing

↠ Mission driven and motivated by impact

↠ A team player and genuinely interested in other’s success

↠ Willing to get out of your own way and take action

Let’s give back together!

$100 from each and every sale of the Embody Program is donated to The doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation. I chose this organization to partner with because I 100% trust and believe in the mission to help impoverished countries become more self reliant and the support given to help free girls from sex trafficking. 

The Healing Hands Foundation is currently supporting projects in over 55 countries.  

doTERRA® International generously donates to cover all administrative costs of the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation, ensuring 100 % of all donations go directly to aid.  


Q & A

A: Each module will have videos that are broken down into 5-10 minute segments totaling less than 1 hour. Your playbooks are meant to be in conjunction with the videos. Your LIVE coaching calls will be 75 minutes. I would put aside 2-3 hours per week for the 12 weeks of the program.

Q: How much time do I need to put aside each week to work on Embody?

A: There will be 3 time options available, you will be able to pick and choose each week the time that works best for you.

Q: What if I can’t make the time of the Coaching Calls?

A: No worries! You will have lifetime access to the modules and playbooks!

Q: What if I don’t finish all the modules during the 12 weeks?

A: It’s totally fine if you don’t have a business. This program will impact all the facets of your life! This is about creating a container of support for success in all areas. 

Q: What if I don’t have a business yet?

A: Honey, I feel you! I understand how the online coaching space is, and I can tell you hands down, this program is not like any experience you have had before. I am 100% committed to supporting you, holding space for your growth and over delivering on everything.

Q: I’ve taken courses before that did not deliver and basically sucked, how is this different?


 The Embody Program comes with a meaningful 4 figure investment or a flexible payment plan. 
Click this button if you’re ready to show up fully and create wild + soulful success on your terms. 

Let's rise together!

It’s your time to commit to your soul's purpose and make the impact you know you were always meant to!

Join me in the Embody Program for a soul expanding journey where you will step into your highest self, embody your magic and claim your wildly + soulfully successful life.

Big Love, Jaya Rose

Let’s rise together!

ⓒ  JAYA ROSE 2018