Jaya Rose

Become an Embodied Speaker - Grow Your Brand & turn your sacred work
into a movement!

It’s not okay that you’re not in the spotlight leading a movement, making the impact you were born to make!

Here's what I know for sure...

You are really good at what you do and feel lit up and passionate about sharing your message with the world.

You want to grow your impact and take your message to the stage becoming a Well Known Transformational Leader.

You've realized that in order to do that you need to Master the Art of Storytelling and Learn how to Captivate an audience on new and bigger stages.

You also know that your message is meant to be a movement.

Hey love! Does this sound like you?

The problem?

Even though you’re comfortable being visible, you don’t know how to pick stories that validate your message and have a cohesive way to deliver them online or on stage and while you know your message you haven't yet done the work to create a movement message that will captivate and move your audience into action.

You dream of being on stages and saying yes to bigger opportunities but you don't want to look silly not looking like an expert when you really are one! You really just want a roadmap to picking relevant stories, incorporating storytelling into your brand and turning that brand into a movement.

The truth: this is making you feel frustrated and unrecognized for all the magic you bring to the table. You're ready to be fully seen!

I understand what it’s like to know deep within that you’re meant for big stages but not know how put it all together and share your story with the world. 

This is why I've spent the last 5 years mastering storytelling, 20 years mastering stage presence and 15 years growing an intuitive led business all so I could help female leaders like you share your story with impact, shine onstage and grow your movement in total alignment with your Soul's purpose.

Your story needs to be heard by big audiences! Are you Ready to tell it with Heartfelt-impact and authority?

Here's the plan:

In order to have a clear roadmap to picking & delivering relevant stories that elevate you + your movement voice you need to:

It's time to stop missing out on opportunities to share your message and grow your movement! You're meant to be in the spotlight!

• Create a Global Movement Vision

• Claim Your Signature Essence 

• Identify Your Soul Story Thread

• Create a Powerful Movement Message

• Learn the Impactful Storytelling Framework

• Embody Your Inner Powerhouse Stage/video Presence

Weekly Coaching

Stay focused and clear while being supported at the highest level

Embodied Speaker is a High-Level 6 Month Coaching Program with Powerful Content, Activating Coaching and a Supportive Community!

Online Learning

Feel excited every week as you dive into transformational + easily digestible content

Guided Accountability

Stay laser focused as you flow through the content with clear + comprehensive playbooks

Online Community

Feel deeply supported and united in the private Facebook Group with like mind people who are growing with you


Share your MESSAGE powerfully online & On stage!

Dr. Jen Riday

Host of The Vibrant Happy Women Podcast

Jaya's Coaching is like a combination of Yoda and Oprah!

In just one session with Jaya I gained clarity I didn't even know I was missing.  She has a way of seeing your truth and pulling it out with such grace and power.  Her combination of a spiritual and practical approach to life and business is both refreshing and cutting edge.  Soulful women, if you have the opportunity to work with Jaya Rose, DO IT!


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brand story


Embodied Speaker

In phase two we are going to identify and name your Innate Magic. Identifying your Innate Magic (signature essence) will set you free to be a more YOU, making you a clear and undeniable magnet to your aligned audience.

Understanding your signature story will unlock the clarity to share your story effortlessly and powerfully on stage, podcasts and live videos. In phase five you will also gain access the full Impactful Storytelling Framework giving you the freedom to master the art of storytelling.


bonus 01

In phase two of Impactful Storytelling we will get clear on your Soul Story. The story that create a Soul Thread of alignment through your work in the world. This sets you up for easily aligning your core message and stories into a compelling talk and for any speaking opportunity you get.

Sell With

In phase six of you will learn the art of channeling your message & captivating any audience with your story, truth and presence helping your audience feel seen, heard and understood. When you show up and share your story both powerfully and vulnerably, it becomes medicine for those who need it most. 

In this powerful bonus learn the "sell with story" method, creating intimacy with your audience and a beautiful space to sell your offers! Flow through this training and download the repeatable sales script for an instant sales experience upgrade!

The confidence & Know how to share your story on all platforms

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Amplify Your Visibility

Your movement also has a voice! In phase four of ESML we are going to identify your "aligned audience" and create a magnetic movement message that speaks directly to the people who need you most and tells the story of your unique Soul Thread.

Let's get you seen for being you! In this power-packed bonus you will have access to high-level visibility strategies, mindset practices and trainings, helping you show up more powerfully and consistently in the online space!


Your movement has eyes. It knows where it is meant go - and you my dear are the co-creator. In phase one of the ESML program we will do a deep dive into the vision and values of your movement, so it has grounded roots to grow, expand and flourish.

movement vision


We are going to get clear on your Soul Story. The story that creates a Soul Thread of alignment through your work in the world. This sets you up for easily aligning your core message and stories into a compelling talk and for any speaking opportunity you get, both online and in person.




Join us for Embodied speaking! 
Next round starts January 2021!

Master Healer & Ayurvedic Coach 

April Hansen

She is a bad-ass, Goddess that is in spiritual alignment and clear about her purpose here on Earth. Luckily for us, she is sharing all of her innate gifts with the world as an HSP, leader and coach. Jaya's coaching programs provide the perfect mix of illumination and support. I highly recommend taking any of her coaching programs on-line or in person. Your life will change!

Jaya Rose is the Lady Gaga of Coaching!


Jen Kohler

Master Reike Healer & Intuitve Coach

Working with Jaya is a MUST for all Spiritual Entrepreneurs!

 If you want to up-level your life, get into alignment with yourself and leave the self-sabotaging behind, you need Jaya. She has the most amazing intuitive gift to know exactly where you are in any given moment and she meets you right there. She is all about inspired action, self-care, and small actionable steps that will change your life and your business. 


Let’s give back together!

5% from each enrollment in Impactful Storytelling is donated to The doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation. I chose this organization to partner with because I 100% trust and believe in the mission to help impoverished countries become more self reliant and the support given to help free girls from sex trafficking. 

The Healing Hands Foundation is currently supporting projects in over 55 countries.  

doTERRA® International generously donates to cover all administrative costs of the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation, ensuring 100 % of all donations go directly to aid.  

Master the art of Embodied Speaking and open up your world to profound possibilities!

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Enroll in the 6 Month embodied speaker Program!

It’s your time to be in the spotlight making the impact you were born to make! Join me in Embodied Speaking for a soul expanding journey where you will own the true value of your voice & share your movement message with the world!

- Big Love, Jaya Rose